Reasons Why IPL is So Popular in India

IPL is So Popular in India

Indians and foreign players worldwide congregate to be part of the Indian Premier League. It is a domestic T20 cricket tournament where an Indian team wins the cup. The IPL is hands down one of the most attended cricket leagues in the world. The big league emerged as the first sporting event broadcasted live on Youtube in 2010. The IPL’s value brand was estimated to be $3.2 billion in 2014, and sources reveal that the 2015 IPL season was able to add Rs. 11.5 million to the GDP of the country’s economy.

A country like India has so many beliefs and religions, but among them are – Bollywood and Cricket. IPL has been a success in surging its popularity since it is held during the summer vacation period, and also, it is when the country’s financial year begins. There are more reasons why IPL is so popular, and here are more reasons below. 

1. It is the season to make money 

If there is ever a period to make loads of money, it’s during the IPL 50-60 day duration, which is typically much more than other events. A tremendous amount of money is poured into Indian telecasting since It is a cricket-crazy country. It is also the appropriate time for company advertisers to get more views on their products or services. 

Betting on which teams will win is an easy way of making money as a fan. All you have to do is log in to the website, deposit any amount, analyze the teams, select your preferred team and win. IPL is a long season compared to other games; hence it is essential to take advantage of the league and bet as much as possible to increase your chances of becoming a multi-millionaire!

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2. It has an increasing audience

Statistics suggest that 45% of the IPL audience are women, which automatically surges the number of eyeballs. Celebrities involved ensured a significant footfall for the event. IPL is hyped way before it begins. Adverts and promotions do this, and as a result, many Indians show up when the season starts. 

Another factor that has led to its increase is that it can be watched in the comfort of one’s home. This is due to the live broadcast on specific stations on tv and Youtube. 

3.  Strategic time-out 

Many don’t like being interrupted when watching a game, which is often the case with most games. With IPL, though, adopt a strategic time-out concept that helps you get your breath back. 

You can always go to the lavatory or catch up with a call, or better yet, make a quick snack. You don’t have to miss any action as the break is two and a half minutes long. That is enough time to relax and carry on with your game. The entire game goes for a considerable 3 hours. This IPL spirit spreads across the country, making Indians roar in delight and excitement as they cheer on their teams. 

4. Anyone can watch 

Sometimes watching a sport requires you to have a team to support, but for IPL, that is not the case as you don’t need to follow a particular team to enjoy the game. Kids, young adults, and the old can watch and follow through with the game with no age limitations whatsoever. There are no strings attached to supporting a team and players in an IPL. 

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5. It is entertaining

If you enjoy drama and controversy, IPL is the game for you. Many players, ministers, and commissioners have been on the wrong side of things and found themselves in the hullabaloo of things during IPL matches. The BCCI has acted on them and dismissed them for corrupt and illegal conduct. The Indian Premier League has been on the center stage of the media buzz with controversial news in and out of the season.  

 6. The game adopts a high standard when playing  

Another reason why the IPL is so popular is that it has some top-notch players. The most significant players of all time come to play, making the tournaments very special since it is the best to compete against one another. The standard set for playing the sport is undoubtedly a high one as the entire world is watching and only the best are playing. 

The IPL is quite organized, too. As mentioned earlier, the tournament occurs during the summer holidays. This is when people are not too occupied both at work or school. It is also the best time as no other tournaments are being played. It never clashes with any other major event in the country. 


As many Indians enjoy cricket, IPL betting is also growing. This is because they can earn money while watching the game at home. Parimatch gives them that opportunity as it is a straightforward website that can be accessed on a smartphone with no limitations to withdrawals. Next time don’t just watch, earn while watching with Parimatch. 

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