Top 9 Greatest Patriotic Movies Of All Time

Patriotic Movies, which has always been one of the most successful and widely recognised movies, are loved by everyone. As an audience, you feel many emotions while watching these genres from sorrow, dilemma and stress to pride, gratitude and bravery. Now that you are here to find the best movies based on patriotism, we’ve picked the top greatest patriotic movies of all time for you.

How Patriotic movies influence the mind of audiences?

“There is no love greater than the love for your country.”

This quote is enough to tell the reason why Patriotic Movies are often successful in mass recognition. The vision of direction in these movies too has a big cause behind it. It’s been our history and based on true events that happened with people at that time. So many lives were sacrificed in the war and protests. The genre of movies which are based on wars, battles, protests, events is action, war, suspense and most of these movies are focused on biography, autobiography or documentary. You get to explore the world of past times and how people used to live at that time. After watching a good movie which shows war, political events, suffering, winning, losing, protests, revolutions, discrimination, differences, our mind becomes more aware and alert. It helps our mind to enhance thinking skills, sympathy, empathy, emotions and a new perspective to see the life and people around you. Many social workers and activists had told in their interviews how they got inspired from reading a book about war-heroes or listening to their story and watching their movies to get inspired and do the same thing.

Binge-watch these Top G.O.A.T. Patriotic Movies

Finally, you’re here to pick and watch these patriotic movies of all time. Not only, you’ll get entertained but learn many lessons:

1. Saving Private Ryan

Saving Private Ryan is a war and action based movie starring Tom Hanks as Captain John Miller who leads his army against enemy lines to find Private James Ryan who has been captured by theri rivals to get discreet information. His three brothers too sacrificed themselves when they were captured by them. In order to save James Ryan, each soldier tries to do his best and meanwhile they get flashbacks of their life and loved ones. We will witness great suffering, sacrifice and courage of those brave army men.

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Patriotic Movies

2. The Patriot

A farmer who had a disturbing past. His wife left the world leaving him alone and he used to be in a brutal military force.

But one day, his son gets the chance to join the military and he tries to stop him from going there. But he still went and got captured by the enemies. As a father, he lets go of his peace and embarks on a journey to save his son by forming a regiment of patriots and activists. They together began guerilla tracks on the enemies.

3. Air Force One

President James Marshall is pacifist and takes a vow to never be involved in any kind of terrorism or war but he has to break his promise when Ivan Korshunov leads his terrorist organisation to hijack the plane. For the life of innocent citizens and his family, the president starts to plan and build the force to tackle terrorists.

4. John Adams

John Adams is based on a real life patriot who lived with difficulties and sacrificed himself to save many lives. He stayed out of politics and wars. After retirement from Piercefield, an organisation where he used to work, regrets his past life and deals with many tragedies.

5. Glory

The First All-African-American regiment is led under Colonel Robert Gould Shaw, 54th Massachusetts volunteer Infantry. He built a strong-willed team of patriots to fight the battles and save lives.

Patriotic Movies

6. Independence Day

Independence Day is an adventure and sci-fi based movie in which supernatural events take place on earth, the skies ignite and citizens are terrified. Then they all join forces to save themselves from an unlikely happenstance. Fear and Courage are the main elements of this movie. 

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The plot of the movie starts with the sudden invasion of an extraterrestrial spaceship over citizens of Los Angeles, New York and Washington D.C.

7. Lincoln

This movie is based on US President Abraham Lincoln and his struggle to abolish slavery in America with the introduction of the 13th Amendment. He meets disputes and criticism for this decision but what he does next is a great thing. Not only this movie shows the political atmosphere of that time but gives a glimpse about how Lincoln dealt with every situation with his skills, passion, morality and humanity. 

8. Top Gun

Starring one of the most loved Hollywood actors, Tom Cruise. This movie is based on action and adventure with many stunt scenes as we will witness Fighter pilot Maverick and his journey on how he became perfect patriotic in the end. At first, the main lead has been shown as a carefree person with recklessness and no discipline. But later you will witness his character development throughout the whole story. 

9. Lone Survivor

Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, Michael Murphy, Danny Dietz and Matthew Axelson get on a mission to throw out the dominance of Taliban Leaders in Afghanistan. They fight a big force of terrorists and invaders to their deaths. 

Mathhew gets a mission of surveillance and chases after the leader of the Taliban group. Some members of this group even get arrested by the rivals but this doesn’t let them fear anything and they sacrificed themselves with her whole heart and soul. 


Watching these movies fills our mind with a sense of pride, respect and gratitude towards all people who sought a bright and peaceful future for their country. And the best part is that people who belong to any age group can watch these patriotic movies to emphatize with people who lived in hard times, to relive the past and learn lessons.


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