Neymar’s Net Worth Has Surpassed Several Records

Neymar's Net Worth Has Surpassed Several Records

Brazilian footballer Neymar has established his name among the top-rated soccer players internationally. Commencing his career at a very early age of 17, Neymar has built an extravaganza net worth that stands in millions of dollars today. Securing a place in the Time’s list of 100 most influential people, he has constantly been in the headlines throughout his career. This article walks you through the celebrated journey of the Ligue 1 forward player, which built Neymar net worth.


There aren’t any second thoughts that the Brazilian football icon followed in his father’s footsteps, but he has also garnered acclaim outside the field. Wondering how? Then give this article a read and see the inspiring journey of the player, who is a much-celebrated charm among sports enthusiasts today.

Neymar’s Net Worth 2022

Neymar has garnered much limelight lately for building a massive net worth in just 13 years of his career. Presently, Neymar’s net worth is a mind-boggling 200 Million USD. That’s certainly a number that has made many interested in the financial entailments of the 30-year-old footballer. He associates his achievements with his father, who had been his strength, and with the techniques that he acquired from the time he used to be engrossed in futsal. According to the player, it’s futsal that trained him in the tactics for moving in congested spaces. Let’s have a look at the Paris Saint-Germain’s player.

Earnings From Clubs & Endorsements

Santos Futebol Club

It is estimated that Neymar fetches around a whopping 78 Million USD each year presently. Neymar got his very foremost contract in 2003 from Santos Futebol Clube, following which he got trained in their youth academy. His father was the first to observe the spark of a footballer’s skill in him and has been on his side to guide him much even before his selection in the Santos FC.

Neymar's Net Worth Has Surpassed Several Records


His skills are suffice to show that player did earn his name and fame in the football industry with as massive efforts as his net worth. Having said that, it’s worth mentioning that Santos FC trusted Neymar during the final 30 minutes when they wanted to get their game saved playing against Oeste in 2009. It’s a notable fact that Santos didn’t want to let go of him. In fact, the futebol clube did reject two huge offers against him. Santos FC’s contract fetched him around 1.7 Million USD on an annual basis. His initial triumphs were marked when he contributed to the team in booking the Copa Libertadores (2011), and Copa do Brasil.


With time, Neymar wished to explore new opportunities. That’s why he amended his contract with Santos FC, which liberated him to go for other cups, and the deal was reformed between the parties. At that time, Neymar’s annual paycheck from the company was 4 Million USD.

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The Futbol Club Barcelona

Soon after that, the Domestic Double winner joined hands with the Barcelona club. The deal with Barcelona didn’t just add to Neymar net worth but also opened his doors to play for Europe apace with Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi. If we talk numbers, this deal garnered him a crazily massive amount (as a transfer fee), to say the least- more than 90 Million USD. However, there have been contradictions regarding the same.


Neymar’s five-year contract with Barcelona kept on piling up his bank balance by pouring in 15 Million USD throughout subsequent years. Also, his endorsement deals estimatedly fetched him near around 16 Million USD at the same time as well.


The Paris Saint-Germain Club

Neymar accepted the position in Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) for 119 Million USD. This has been the record-cracking deal till date. The net worth of this crazily acclaimed player has certainly opened doors for his 10-year-old son to a magnificent and bright future. This news spread like fire, and now Neymar is going to serve the PSG as a prominent part for 4 more years. Isn’t it just amazing? When this contract was signed, i.e., in 2017, the widely popular soccer player had more than 15 Million USD amassed only from endorsements only.


There is a reason that Neymar is embraced in the list of most expensive players in the sports industry. Throughout the years, he has been working his flesh to bones to grasp the opportunity ahead of him and has left no questions about his performances. His PSG agreement was extended last year, which has made the 2-times South American title holder a much-demanded player that any team wants to retain.



Neymar has continuously been engaged in endorsements for renowned brands and corporations. In fact, the player did launch the Nike Hypervenom football boot in 2013 after he secured 2nd rank in the SportsPro magazine.

Neymar's Net Worth Has Surpassed Several Records


After his eleven-year agreement with Nike wrapped up, the Brazilian second-highest goalscorer partnered with Puma. The Mogi Das Cruzes native has earned 2.4 Million USD from Panasonic for two consecutive years. Apart from these, his endorsement history is associated with many other reputed big brands, to name a few, including McDonald’s, Volkswagen, Lupo, Redbull, Unilever, Claro, etc. He got his own brand logo designed by Loducca.

Neymar’s Houses

In December last year, Neymar shedded 2.5 Million USD on a seven-bedroom house in Alphaville, São Paulo. The mansion is equipped with a squash court, lush pools, and a garage.

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He also bought a property in Rio De Janeiro for 10 Million USD in 2017. The football lover’s apple of the eyes sways in his much-adored private yacht while his time is spent here. Another of his properties reportedly features spa facilities, a sauna, and a jacuzzi. The PSG fame oft-times shares moments of his gym time with his fans and teammates.


His five-storey Paris mansion is a source of his passive income, which generates him a monthly rent of around fifteen thousand USD. To mark his off-the-field days, he stops over at his Beverly Hills home that’s worth 1 Million USD.

Car Collection

As much as he is sincere towards his work, Neymar net worth shows he spends his hard-earned to enjoy lavish facilities. The Brazilian sports aura drives in the following lush cars, which have a really massive base price:

  • Ferrari 458 Italia- 2,45,000 USD
  • Maserati MC12- 1.5 Million USD (and that’s a rare one)
  • R8 Spyder- 1,54,900 USD
  • Audi Q7- 54,950 USD
  • Audi RS7- 118,500 USD
  • Volkswagen Touareg- 49,4595 USD
  • Porsche Panamera Turbo- 1,79,800 USD


Apart from the heavily-priced cars, he also owns a private jet- Cessna 680. Not just Neymar but his son also adores spending time on this jet with his father.

On-Screen Appearances

Neymar net worth comprehension doesn’t only have an inclusion of earnings from his footballer skills but also from his music videos and television performances. The world’s highest-paid athlete of 2020 has garnered enormous amounts of love and money from his acting talent as well. Here’s the list of music videos and movies Junior Neymar was a part of:

  • Money Heist
  • Neymar Jr. And The Line of Kings
  • Neymar: the Perfect Chaos
  • Os Parcas

Neymar's Net Worth Has Surpassed Several Records


His moves in several music videos made him a cherished icon in the pop music industry in Brazil. He was seen grooving on beats after his goals a plethora of times which was a treat for the eyes of his teammates as well as his fans.


Neymar net worth has served humanitarian causes as well. He established Neymar Jr Institute (Instituto Neymar Jr.) in 2014, which serves the deprived and economically weaker sections of the Brazilian coterie. He served as the brand face for Handicap International in 2017. He actively came forward and bestowed 950000 USD to UNICEF and PSG for the Covid crusade. 

Undoubtedly, Neymar’s net worth is the talk of the town, but he knows how to pay back to the country that has always gushed him out with colossal love.

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