Monica Lewinsky Net worth, Life, Relationship & Scandal

Monica Lewinsky Net worth

American writer and activist, Monica Lewinsky is one of the publicly known people who involved themselves in big controversies and gained a lot of attention. She is a former White House intern who worked for a year there. That one year was like a normal year but controversial. Involved in an alleged affair with the then American President Bill Clinton. Let’s discuss Monica Lewinsky Net worth, personal life, education, relationship and the scandal which made centre of attention.

Who is Monica Lewinsky?

American Writer and Social Activist, Monica Samille Lewinsky also known as Monica Lewinsky was born on 23rd of July in 1973. San Francisco, California (US) was the place where she was brought up by her father Bernard Lewinsky and mother Marcia Kay Vilensky. It was a small family. Apart from being an American activist and writer, she is a TV personality and TedEx speaker.


Sinai Akiba Academy, John Thomas Dye School, Beverly Hills High School, Bel Air Prep Pacific High School, Santa Monica College, Lewis and Clark College and London School of Economics (MSc.) are the alma mater of Monica Lewinsky and she has quite a good academic record.

Monica Lewinsky Net worth


After she graduated with a Bachelor degree in Psychology from Lewis & Clark College in 1995. In the same year, she got a job under internship. Her father had contacts in White House, so it was easy for her to get a job there. At first, she worked there as an unpaid intern during the year 1995-1996. Her involvement in an alleged affair with the then US President Bill Clinton developed feelings in her. Monica was just 18-year-old at that time and Clinton reached his 40s. Both started to like each other’s company and it turned into an affair which needed to be discreet.

Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal

There was a huge age gap but Clinton and Lewinsky secretly had an alleged affair which later reached the authorities. When the authorities at White House felt suspicious about their affair, they transferred Monica to Pentagon House in order to separate them as it could harm the public image of the US President. But their affair was still going on by meeting at a secret place. She met Linda Tripp who was a civil servant at the Pentagon and they became close friends.

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Once Monica Told Tripps about her physical relationship with Bill Clinton. Tripp, with a discreet motive, advised her to collect evidence about her affair with Clinton. She used to tape record their conversations and even advised Monica to save her blue dress which she was wearing while involved in a sexual act with Clinton as the dress must have been stained with semen which can later be used as evidence. In January 1998, Tripps broke the news about the Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal to the public and everything turned upside down in America. Court summoned both Clinton and Lewinsky, where Clinton denied having physical counters with her and he lied under the oath that they were involved in oral sex and some physical touches but not the proper sexual act. Lewinsky on the other hand, had shown every evidence she had collected which helped her gain Transactional Immunity. Her testimony about the scandal was recorded. She could not speak about her affair publicly after stepping out of the court.

Monica Lewinsky Net worth

Monica went underground after this case and started her preparation to complete her Masters Degree in Psychology. She even wrote her biography and explained her side of this affair. She went through PTSD and depression due to this controversial affair and had to face many setbacks. Monica said in an interview that she had to take years to get out of this scandal but people still talk about her affair. The advantage she got from this scandal is that she made a huge income out of this affair.

Her name was already making enough headlines and she started to impact politics due to her affair with a political leader. Monica started to get calls from TV reality shows due to her popularity where she promoted her book about her life. She became an active TV reality show star, got endorsement deals, launched her handbag line and started to write books. Bill Clinton is no more but Monica is definitely existing in the best way possible. Let’s find out about Monica Lewinsky Net worth.

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Monica Lewinsky Net worth

Monica Lewinsky Net worth is estimated to be earning around $41 Million USD in 2022. Most of her income comes from TV reality shows, books and activism.


Making money like a celebrity, Monica Lewinsky has many assets and achievements which includes Range Rover of $210,000 USD, Toyota Vellfire of $130,000 USD, Lexus GX of $160,000 USD, Audi Q8 of $155,000 USD and BMW X9 of $150,000 USD. 13,000 sq. ft. luxury home in Sacramento (California, US) which costs around $8 Million USD. She earns $6 Million Annually and her side income comes from TV reality shows. She was also featured in Time Magazine. Monica Lewinsky is a Ted EX Speaker. As a social activist, she raised the issue of Cyberbullying which also gained her admiration and accolades.

Even though she already grew up in an affluent family, Monica Lewinsky got more fame and money after her affair with US President Bill Clinton. Before meeting Clinton, she was just an average woman who got the opportunity to work at White House because her father had contacts there. She not only got herself fame but a good amount of income as well.


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