Missy Elliott Weight Loss | Women being prone to Graves’?

Missy Elliott Weight Loss

In 2018, Missy Elliott Weight Loss announcement was made. Her fans showed concerns about her weight gain before. Later it was revealed that she was suffering from a serious disease Graves’ which is caused by Thyroid Disorder. Her body would feel constant pain and inflammation but she was determined to lose her weight. Here we will discuss Missy Elliott Weight loss journey, her diet plan, workout routine and her life with Graves’.

Missy Elliott’s life with Graves’ Disease

While being diagnosed with Graves’ Disease, Missy Elliott felt severe pain in her body and had to go through the Thyroid Treatment. Thyroid Glands would attack her immune system which caused anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, inflammation, menstrual problems and sweating. Her life was already hell and then her body started to gain weight as well which resulted in a depressed life.

She was already making music and performing at concerts. The hectic schedule left her with a painful life. This was the wakeup call for her to restart her life.

Women being more prone to Graves’?

Yes, it is happening. At first we knew how Thyroid affects people who gain weight or crossed their 30s but now young people are suffering from these weight related diseases and young women are in majority.

But how is this possible?

Modern Lifestyle

Women who already suffer every month with periods related issues, ignore many symptoms about their own health. Everyone is busy in this modern era as no one wants to get behind in the fast pace of life. Studies and Career are priorities. In order to win this race, we leave behind our health and many little moments. We start our morning by rushing to the office and working tirelessly in front of the computer. Our posture is fixed in one way and it leads to severe pain in our body. Just like a machine, every single part of this body needs to be active otherwise it will develop severe diseases.

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Missy Elliott Weight Loss
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Women, whether young, middle aged or old, all have immense pressure to make a balance between their career and family. As we still think that women are caregivers and homemakers, It is difficult for them to manage home and work at the same time. And in order to do this, they ignore their health and happiness. Their morning is all about preparing breakfast for their husband, children and in-laws while ignoring their own meal. Then they rush for work and constantly try to complete their task so that they can go home earlier. But the story doesn’t end here as now they are thinking about what to prepare for Dinner. At night, they will start preparing for the next day while helping children with their homework. This life shouldn’t be glorified. They need to set up a system where everyone helps each other and she should take a day off for selfcare. You should never ignore any symptoms of diseases, even if it’s just a fever but going on for more than a week.

Her Weight Loss Journey

Like any person who is just starting to change his lifestyle, Missy Elliott consulted Doctors, Nutritionists and her Gym Trainer to start her weight loss journey. In the beginning, it was pain and breakdown but slowly she conquered every problem. Missy Elliott weight loss was pre planned according to her body health. She started with a slow and light weight workout and avoided junk foods.

Her Diet Plan

  1. Missy Elliot gave up consumption of Soda and Bread for 4 months in order to focus on a healthy diet.
  2. She started to drink plenty of water. She revealed that earlier she would ignore drinking water and focus on Soda drinks but now it was time to change this lifestyle.
  3. She avoided Junk food and found peace with vegetables and organic food products.
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Workout Routine

  1. She was trained by Shaun T. Missy who guided her in doing a 25 minute FOCUS T25 workout which leads to active body functioning and muscle building.
  2. She started to do Cardio workout to lose her weight.
  3. As an artist, she was always fond of Dancing but now it became part of her workout routine and helped her lose weight.

Celebrities suffering from Graves’

As we have discussed earlier, women are more prone to this disease mentioned in the list below, you will find female celebrities more than male.There are numerous celebrities who suffer from Thyroid Disorder and find it difficult to live a healthy life. Missy Elliott weight loss was not easy as she was suffering from this disease at the same time but she still found her way out.

Missy Elliott Weight Loss

Celebrities with condition of Hypothyroidism are mentioned below : 

Missy Elliott, Sofia Vergara, Kelly Clarkson, Hilary Clinton, Tarek El Moussa, Gigi Hadid, Jameela Jamil, Jared Kushner, Gina Rodriguez, Ronaldo, Zoe Saldana, Bernie Sanders, Oprah Winfrey, Wendy Williams, Sia, Victoria Justice, Brooke Burke-Charvet, Rod Stewart, Leona Lewis, Jenny Mollen, Molly Sims, Roger Ebert, Angie Everhart and Katee Sackhoff.

All of these celebrities are suffering from Thyroid related disease and living their life with a Predetermined diet plan and treatment. Missy Elliott weight loss wasn’t a normal way to lose the excess weight but she had to work harder while feeling body ache and inflammation in the Thyroid affected area of her body. This problem is common in old age but this unhealthy lifestyle is inviting new diseases everyday. Today every person is suffering from a disease, we need to choose a healthy lifestyle to avoid severe problems in future.

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