Manish Sisodia Age and Why He Was Arrested at This Time?

Manish Sisodia Age

As he is born on January 5, 1972, Manish Sisodia age is currently 51 years old. You might find it interesting that he shares birthday with Bollywood queen, Deepika Padukone.

Manish Sisodia is the Deputy Chief Minister and the Education Minister of Delhi. He has revolutionized education for children in Delhi. A large number of kids of education-able age have benefited after Mr. Sisodia started serving the people.

Why did police arrest Manish Sisodia?

Manish Sisodia was arrested a few days back and this has caused a lot of protests to form across Delhi. The Aam Admi Party has been on the roads across the past three days to have Sisodia came back from the custody. However, the court has mentioned no such release as of now.

So, why did the police arrest Manish Sisodia?

Currently, there is an alcohol scam that is doing rounds in Delhi and a group of people have been arrested for the same. The CBI is investigating the case to find out the crux of the matter, but it might not solve any time soon.

Manish Sisodia Age and Why He Was Arrested at This Time?

How are people reacting to his arrest?

Raghav Chadha, a member of the Rajya Sabha has come out in support to talk about this thing. The CM himself has alleged that the Indian Prime Minister would not have picked on Sisodia had he not worked well in the educations sector. He said that ‘Modiji’ wanted to stop Manish Sisodia from doing the good work he is doing.

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Very interesting, he also said that if Manish Sisodia wanted to join BJP today, he would get bailed tomorrow. So, he believes that the BJP is not trying to boost corruption in this case. But simply trying to stop people from doing good work.

The CM has been in words with people from all over Delhi that he could positively confirm their angst.

Manish Sisodia age right now is 51, and he is fit and fine. He should be able to manage this rough phase and hopefully come out clean. Many students expect his freedom, especially now as they are giving their final exams. However, the proofs denied by Sisodia do not seem to go along with what the reality looks like.

According to CBI, he was a part of the alcohol scam. He made rules to assist alcohol sellers make more money legally and illegally. He made changes in excise policies to suit their requirements.

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