Looking Inside Tom Cruise Net Worth

Looking Inside Tom Cruise Net Worth

The Mission Impossible star Tom Cruise is profused with a huge net worth. The 59-year-old actor has been going strong in his acting career since 1983. Just within two years from the acclamation of his career in the acting profession, the actor’s income shot up by USD 425000. Yes, that’s shockingly right! He pocketed USD 500000 for Legend (1985), straight from USD 75000 for Risky Business (1983).

Tom Cruise net worth as of 2022 is valued approx USD 600 million. The man who is now made of money from head to toe has fought against all the odds to be where he is today. Give this article a read if you want to know how the actor acquired this luxurious lifestyle and where he spends it off.



The six-times Mission Impossible star started his journey in the art of playing different roles from 1981 with Endless Love, an American romantic drama movie. However, he played a bit part in the film. His career took a blast off from the 1983 comedy piece Risky Business.

Cruise, who did enter into the acting world at the young age of 19, started receiving huge honours from the very start. Whether you talk about The Colour of Money, Cocktail, The Days Of Thunder, Far And Away, Eyes Wide Shut, Collateral, War Of The Worlds, Knight And Day, Rock Of Ages, Oblivion, Edge Of Tomorrow, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, The Mummy or American Made, Tom has never played a slouch while performing. For his 2005 release War Of The Worlds alone, the actor took home $ 100 million. You can imagine how rigorously the actor’s wealth has boomed.

Looking Inside Tom Cruise Net Worth
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And yes, I haven’t forgotten about Ethan Hunt, who did put in a lot of effort in the iconic Mission Impossible series. Not to much of our surprise, the Syracuse born actor has made earnings of $ 290 million for the first four consecutive sequels for the same movie. Plus to that, he also handled production of the same series along with J. J. Abrams, Christopher McQuarrie and Jake Myers. This is enough to make out that he has been the top paid actor of the time since then.

Tom Cruise net worth is majorly made from his passion and profession, i.e., acting. Some of the movies that earned him massive paychecks with their gross incomes at the box office globally are listed below:

Tom Cruise Movies Gross Collection At Box Office

  • Top Gun Maverick- USD 356 million
  • Rain man- USD 354 million
  • Cocktail- USD 171 million
  • Born On The Fourth Of July- USD 161 million


Tom Cruise net worth is also highly influenced by Cruise/Wagner Productions (C/W Productions), which happens to be the owned production house of the Interview With The Vampire actor together with film producer Paula Kauffman Wagner (who worked as a talent agent for the actor in the past for about 11 years) in 1992.

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Several films have been produced under the tag of C/W Productions since its formation, to name a few, Mission Impossible (1996), Without Limits, Vanilla Sky, Minority Report, The Last Samurai, and Ask The Dust.

Soon after the production house was established, it got into a contract with the Paramount Pictures Corporation (member of the Motion Picture Association and Big Five Film Studio). This agreement was freshened up for 14 years continuously (1992-2006). In 2006, Paramount Pictures Corporation’s parent company Viacom’s Chairman, did put a full stop to this deal due to Tom’s involvement in psychiatry, postpartum depression, antidepressants, and Scientology. It came out of the rumour mill that the actual reason for this decision was nothing but money matters.

Looking Inside Tom Cruise Net Worth
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In no time, the C/W Productions all together with MGM Studios backed up the finances of the Paramount Pictures Corporation. Where the former acquired a stake in United Artist Digital Studios (formerly known as United Artist Corporation) with Paula as Chief Executive, the latter offered C/W Productions a percentage share in MGM.

The C/W Production corporation made a whopping amount at the box office across the globe exceeding 2.9 billion USD. Isn’t it just wow? It shows that Cruise is a jack of all trades when it comes to business.


The actor-cum-producer is actively engaged in selling and buying lavish mansions. Much of Tom Cruise net worth is built from his real estate business which he looks after with the same interest that he showcases in acting. He did put several of his possessions on sale and drew out major profits from every single one of them.

Tom sold his 14 acres West Sussex property, English Estate, which basically puts up in the UK for 4.2 million USD. Well, this is just the start; known for bravely taking up Scientology, Tom pondered up his net worth by selling his Hollywood Hills (California, USA), the 7 bedroom home within a year of its possession for 11.4 million USD. Another sold-out property of Cruise holds up in Beverly Hills, California, which was sold after 10 years from its acquisition for 38 million USD and Colorado Ranch vacation home in the USA, which earned him 39.5 million USD. The Colorado Ranch is the place where The Mummy lead had photographs with his daughter Suri (from ex-wife Katie Holmes) for the very first time.

Looking Inside Tom Cruise Net Worth
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Cruise’s penthouse in Florida, USA, which goes by the name of Clearwater Penthouse, was possessed by him in 2017. The 10 storey apartment has 36 condos in total and has everything one can imagine in a lavishly huge house which is worth million dollars. Gym, swimming pool, garden, mesmerizing views, and the heart-throbbing interior is the escape of Cruise, which is currently an unsold asset of Tom Cruise net worth.

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Cruise is not just earning interestingly huge amounts through paychecks and selling out crazily luxurious mansions but is also turning heads by spending on overly expensive cars. The C/W Production Corporation founder owns a Bugatti Veyron that is valued at 1.9 million USD. He also owns Porsche 911 (40,500 USD), Mercedes Benz S Class (109,800 USD), Ford Excursion (70,000 USD), Mercedes CLK 200 (53,000 USD), Buick Roadster (38,995 USD), Chevrolet Chevelle SS (32,000 USD) and C1 model (3,591 USD), and Ford Mustang (60,000 USD) which are an inevitable part of Tom Cruise net worth.


Cruise learned flying planes for one of his movies and fell head over heels (all right, shoes for the Mission Impossible boy!) for flying jets. He owns Gulfstream IV G4 Jet, which is lavishly inside out with an eye-catching price tag of 20 million USD, which is justified by its specifications of Rolls Royce Tay engines that can fly 45,000 feet high with 19 seater passenger capacity and jacuzzi. Cruise’s love for aviation doesn’t end here; he, in fact, sold out his Beverly Hills House for financing his learning lessons which finally paid off by getting him wings.

Tom Cruise Net Worth
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If we talk numbers, Tom is said to be a proprietor of four or five planes. One of them is WWII fighter P-51 Mustang, which is valued at more than 4.5 million USD with customized alterations. Tom is totally swayed by this fighter and often rides it with his friends.

Apart from this, Tom’s active engagement can be seen in charity works as well. The actor turned producer is a strong supporter of Scientology. Although his partaking against antidepressants and psychiatry did put his philanthropy face in debates, he seems to take steps forward to extend support to several social organizations.

It won’t be wrong to say that Tom Cruise net worth is something that he built from scratch. The actor, who had a difficult childhood in dealing with his father, understood pretty clearly that he had many responsibilities in his life. On the personal front, the actor has been divorced three times and is a father of 3 with his ex-wife Nicole Kidman (2 adopted kids) and Katie Holmes (1 daughter).

With the news of his upcoming projects, it would be interesting to see what new records the net worth of this highest paying actor of the 20s decade will set up.

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