Logistics Automation: Why Is Important to Implement It and How to Do That?

Automation is now being introduced into almost all business processes. This is convenient and beneficial for business owners because automated solutions simplify work. In the field of logistics and transportation, this is no less important, because the clarity and transparency of processes are especially important for the industry. And logistics automation software can help with this.

  • IT Solutions for Logistics Industry: What Benefits to Evaluate

Modern solutions in the field of software automation logistics can be different. But one thing unites them. All of them are required to ensure the efficiency and control of processes. A good design will allow you, as a business owner, to ensure the continuity of the supply chain, and  foryour subordinates, to perform their functions using convenient automated tools (this can be routing for drivers, analytical tools for managers, warehouse management software for warehouses, applications for taking orders). for consultants, etc.). Today, the following solutions are especially relevant for the industry:

  • ERP solutions that help to manage the company’s logistics resources;
  • CRM solutions that unite the website, the app for clients, and the ERP of the company into a complex system;
  • WMS are special warehouse solutions to manage goods and processes in warehouses;
  • SCM aka supply chain management solutions to manage supply chains of the company.

The main benefits of getting automation solutions from a transportation software development company are as follows:

  • Less time is required for the performance of every process;
  • Fewer employees are needed to be hired for efficient work;
  • Less possibility of the human factor. That is, fewer manual errors occur;
  • Better customer service;
  • Expanded analytics for every process.
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Logistics App Development: How To Create It And How Much Does It Cost

  • Whom to Engage in Automation of Your Logistics Processes

When you need to get effective logistics automation software, it is better to think out in advance who will be responsible for its development. There are several options available in the market:

  • Hiring programmers for your staff to get the job done. It is costly and needs more HR work from you. Besides, you won’t need a programmer’s service 24/7.
  • Hiring a freelance pro. That sounds better but there are lots of pitfalls. A freelancer is not a universal soldier and no one can guarantee their results will suit your goals.
  • Launching professional development team on outsourcing business model. That solution is the best today as you get a guarantee for the project you want to get and you deal with qualified pros, not amateurs.
  • How Much Does It Cost to Develop IT Solutions for Logistics

Let’s take the last option as the basis for our calculations. When you need logistics automation software, you need to get services from the following specialists and take their time in the following volume:

  • PM’s work – 80 hours,
  • IT architect – 40 hours,
  • Front-end and back-end developers – 680+ hours,
  • UX/UI designer – 200 hours,
  • QA – 110 hours.

In total, the time for development is 1,100 hours (as usual, a bit more). Taking average rates for development services from US companies, you get an overwhelming sum of $110,000 per solution. And then you also need to pay for its maintenance and updating. 

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To make it easier and (why not!) cheaper, it is a great opportunity to hire a transportation software development company from Ukraine. Its rates are $30-$40 per hour, so the total cost for an automation solution will be $33,000+.

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