Life is going well for Sunny Leone

“Sunny Leone” one kind of artist that has been adored by the youth in India for the different kinds of roles she has played in Bollywood films so far. So much so, that she even has her own casino game called Bollywood Diva and with such stardom comes a reputation to follow. Hence, there is little surprise she concluded that “she drives the swankiest wheels she owns,” which was actually a gift from her husband, especially for her. A few of Sunny’s special edition cars are some of the highlights from her garage. 

If we are broadly speaking about Sunny and her extensive love for the cars she has owned, let us get familiar with what wheels sunny had laid her eyes on for her 39th birthday, following it as a great tradition!  

Let’s take a closer look with her two Maserati’s, probably the most expensive four-car collection, which also shows she’s a Maserati fan!

Maserati Ghibli

Maserati has lately not really been the first choice for many celebrities in India, but surprisingly sunny Leone’s most preferred car brand has always been Maserati for which she seems to have a great knack about. 

The special edition Ghibli was retailed in India as well and used to cost over ₹1.3 crores, which is the ex-showroom price only. It was by far the third Maserati car which was owned by Sunny Leone, is the Quattroporte that was gifted to her by her husband. 

 Ghibli is the latest collection to her garage that used to be a GT car, now has been transformed into a full-size four-door saloon. 

Getting a Maserati car sure is a dream for many, and above that, mostly, it is considered to be a status symbol unlike another. At $75,000 – the Maserati Ghibli doesn’t seem to be too expensive a car – it’s a Maserati after all – and does tempt people to buy it to become part of the exclusive Maserati owners’ league. 

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If Sunny Leone had purchased the car in India, it would have only offered her a diesel-powered model of Ghibli. The Ghibli Nerissimo features an all-black exterior trim, with 20-inch alloy wheels that seem to be accurate enough to catch the eye of any individual. 

Sunny Leone & Her Enviable Collection of Cars:

The actor also owns the Maserati Quattroporte, which has also been one of the most known Maserati cars, but that was long back in 2014. Maserati recently launched the 2019 Quattroporte’s GranLusso version that had a starting price of INR 1.74 Cr and the Gransport version at INR 1.79 Cr (Ex-showroom Delhi). The Quattroporte is fitted with a 3.0-liter V6 turbodiesel engine and gets the Active Sound technology for the Quattroporte Diesel exhaust system producing a characteristic Maserati sound.

Maserati Quattroporte

Another Maserati- but this time the swankiest one for Sunny!

The Quattroporte is the priciest property automobile to take a look at from Sunny Leone’s garage. Plenty of variants are currently available in India are priced above Rs 1.74 Cr, while the stationed one in her garage which costs around $102,500. The arrival of this car dates back to 2014.

Sunny has shown off about both the Maserati’s in her Instagram post, which also shows that the car boasts of a powerful 4691 cc engine, which tends to churn up till 440bhp concluding it to be a definite head-turner.

BMW, series 7

While the Maseratis rest at Sunny’s garage pretty well, to consider more of it, her US garage also involves some luxurious wheels which are convenient enough to take her in and around the B’town as well. 

The flagship BMW 7 series steps in to complete the requirements of exactly how the actor wants. The sleek sedan has the right composition of power, luxury, and comfort. On multiple occasions, Sunny has been spotted roaming in the swanky sedan. 


It would be an understatement to define what caught Sunny’s eyes about the sedan, but the mammoth 3-liter turbocharged motor and an 8-speed automatic transmission instantly garners respect and shows why it is worthy of all!

Audi A5

Audi and its various models have been quite common in India and have also been renowned by many actors! The A5 is another definite exquisite favorite of Sunny that offers an unmatched sense of luxury along with strong torque and power.

 This is another one that the actress owns in her Mumbai town, which is used the most for her rides within the city. The car has an aura of its own and a luxury that seamlessly tags along with its four-ringed logo. The high-end engine with a 6-speed manual or a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission sets it all to be the most purchased car of the years!

Bottom line Sunny’s words: 

Ever since, have I started working and earning. I have developed this different corner for sports cars. And in America, I drive, and every time I step into this car and turn the engine on, it’s the best feeling because the Maserati engine roars! I love it, and I smile every time. 


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