JoJo Siwa Birthday Party Was an Extravagant Million-Dollar Event

JoJo Siwa birthday party

JoJo Siwa is a popular American celebrity and YouTuber who is endeared by the public. She sang the popular song ‘Kid in a Candy Store’ and her full name is Joelle Joanie Siwa. She recently turned 17 and the JoJo Siwa birthday party that was thrown in celebration of that was truly extravagant. Siwa truly splurged on her celebration and even installed a stage in her own backward. JoJo Siwa bought a mansion this year for a cost of $3.43 million. The mansion is in Tarzana which is a part of the state of California. It is in this mansion that she celebrated her 17th birthday. Her birthday was on May 19 and she threw a themed party. She kept the theme of the party after herself.

The theme of the JoJo Siwa birthday party

JoJo Siwa threw a JoJo Siwa themed party for herself. She even released a TikTok video showing off all the decorations. All the plates and decorations had JoJo Siwa’s photo on them. She even seemed to have her variety or brand of ice-cream for the party. In the video, she is gleefully rubbing hands together as the first guests arrive and she sneaks upon them. Her hair was wound up in her signature high ponytail and her signature yellow ribbon adorned it.

In the mansion’s backyard, there was a stage for all the festivities. There was a blue cover over the grass and on top of this cover, there was a stage. The teen millionaire was very happy the fact that she was having her own themed 17th birthday party. All the cups, balloons, and even the napkins bore an enchanting image of the teen millionaire. She wore a gaudy and bright outfit that looked somewhat like a superhero costume. The outfit bore the number 17 across the chest. The ‘1’ in the 17 was in pink while the ‘7’ was in the color blue.

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JoJo Siwa popularity

JoJo Siwa has 22.2 million followers on TikTok. She performed the ‘wipe it down’ challenge that is trending a day before her birthday. In this trend, people spray a mirror and then wipe to reveal a completely different looking version of themselves. In the video, JoJo Siwa was first seen in her iconic high ponytail hairdo and the bow. Then after wiping the mirror down, her hair is open and there was no bow. This showed the world how JoJo Siwa looks without her signature hairdo and yellow ribbon. Her infectious and bold smile was the only thing common before and after the transformation. JoJo Siwa feels more confident in her iconic hairdo. She has told people she liked the yellow bow since bows are a symbol of power. JoJo Siwa is very active on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. She keeps giving her followers regular updates about her daily life.

Final Thoughts

A birthday is truly a celebratory occasion for everyone. Some people go out to or celebrate with their families. JoJo Siwa, however, decided to throw a JoJo Siwa themed party for herself on her 17th birthday.

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