Johnny Depp launches multi million dollar court case against Amber Heard

Johnny Depp launches multi-million-dollar court case against ex-wife Amber Heard

Johnny Depp launches multi million dollar court case against Amber Heard for defamation. His ex-wife told The Sun publishers that the actor was a “wife beater” and Depp in trying every possible way to defend himself.

Johnny Depp is a crucial situation because of an ongoing court case against The Sun. The court dealing might majorly impact his career and only the Hon. Mr. Justice Nicol can come to rescue. Nicol is the high court judge in Britain who is currently weighing whether Depp’s libel case against News Group Newspapers succeeds. It will prove whether or not claims made by his ex-wife Amber Heard are correct or not

If the decision goes in favor of the actor, his career might soon have an uptick. However, it can be equally fatal for his career and drag him into a million pounds debt due to legal fees. The actor can also go through a massive crisis in terms of reputation and create further issues for upcoming projects.

Johnny Depp Reported Asked for $50 Million for Pirates of the Caribbean 6

According to multiple resources, Johnny Depp asked Disney for a $50 million paycheck to get into the character of Jack Sparrow again; for the movie Pirates of the Caribbean 6. It is the sixth version of one of the most famous movie series done by Depp.

The report was leaked by The Globe, which claims that the actor is running out of funds because of cases. He needs money to be at the court and also for the big screen. However, the news hasn’t been confirmed by any official channel.

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A $50 million payout doesn’t seem to be too much, considering that he received $55 million for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Theoretically, asking for a similar amount is not unobvious. Moreover, the critical reception hasn’t been muted for the recent entries like Dead Men Tell No Tales, which made a business of almost $800 million. Moreover, the actor and his films are moneymakers, which draws in lots of worldwide audiences

We have to wait to see the British court’s judgment to understand how well the Pirates of the Caribbean 6 works out for him too. His losing the court case might make Disney reluctant to make such a big deal.

Johnny Depp launches multi-million-dollar court case againdt Amber Heard

Johnny Depp launches multi million dollar court case against his ex-wife according to current updates. The lawyers of the actor will serve papers in America, giving proof of their turbulent marriage.

Amber Heard spoke to reporting agencies about their relationship and how abusive and violent he was. They were married for three years, from 2014 to 2017. Depp also has two children and denied all allegations against him.

Since The Sun’s publishers News Group Newspapers had published an article calling him a “wife beater”, Depp has sued the company and is battling a case with them. Johnny has now filed a fresh lawsuit of defamation in Virginia over a column she wrote in the Washington Post in 2018.

Even though the actress didn’t mention names, she mentioned facing domestic abuse. A court hearing might be on the cards for the two. A close source of the actress reported that Johnny could go to any extent to ruin Amber.

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Irrespective of the outcome of the case between The Sun and Depp, Amber is preparing for the second round. However, if the actor wins the case, he will take the actress’s battle to another level, said the source.

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