Jeffrey Star apologizes to James Charles in his “Doing What’s Right” Video

Jeffree Star apologizes

Jeffrey Star came back with a video after weeks giving his apology to James Charles. Tahiti Westbrook who is also a beauty blogger on YouTube accused Star and Shane Dawson of trying to manipulate her. Jeffrey Star apologizes on the same by creating a video on July 18 naming it Doing What’s Right. He skipped mentioning Westbrook’s name but it was pretty understood as to what led to the video. Check out the full video on how Jeffrey Star apologizes to James Charles and claims that Shane Dawson is still a close acquaintance.


Shane Dawson has not returned to the internet because of the controversy which arose due to his derogatory jokes, comments on people of a certain race, and unseemly interchange with minors. The live video’s comment section was disabled after some time. Star said that his lawyers will see the next reactions on his behalf regarding the accusations he faced by several YouTubers. However, he restrained himself from a future spat with Westbrook even. Star didn’t mention his claim of April 2020 over having a call recording of a certain person who was preyed on by James Charles and said there was no blackmail neither he’s been to jail ever.

Jeffery said that he was silent to take his time to judge his previous actions. It was quite unlike him as he is very opinionated about many things. He needed his time to seek himself and accept his wrongdoings. His statement in this video was strongly about how Jeffrey Star apologizes and also mentioned his video called “Never Doing This Again” from May 2019 about “Dramageddon 2.0.”

Westbrook accused Shane Dawson and Star of manipulation

The whole controversy got another direction when Westbrook released a video exposing Shane Dawson and Jeffrey Star. The 2019 feud often referred to as “Dramageddon 2.0”. Westbrook’s new video called “Breaking my silence”. Westbrook said that Jeffrey and Dawson maneuvered her towards making the video called “Bye Sister”. That video then started the dispute. Westbrook accused Charles of unsuitable and disloyal behavior after Charles promoted a rival brand of Halo Beauty. Westbrook felt betrayed that Charles was backing a certain hair vitamin brand over Westbrook’s. 

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There was a controversy in which Westbrook claimed in the “Bye Sister” video that Charles had exploited straight men using his popularity and of course with money. Star said that Charles’s behavior was harmful to society and called him a predator. There were a huge number of decreases in subscribers from Charles’s YouTube channel. Charles even said that he was pushed to attempt suicide due to these accusations.

James Charles refused all the allegations by Star

Charles later refused to accept those accusations of Star in a video called “No More Lies”. He called this accusation disgusting and said that Star had threatened him saying that Star would expose his victims. Star had texted him blaming him as a molester but then in “Never Doing This Again,” video Star accepted that he didn’t do the right thing and should have talked to Charles privately. He added that there would be no proof of coming up to support his previous claims about Charles. 

Jeffrey Star said in a podcast called “Mom’s Basement” that he had a call recording of a sufferer of James Charles. He went further by saying that he could give the recording to the hosts of that podcast so that they would be able to judge on their own whether Star’s tweets from May 2019 were right or wrong.

There many things like other videos of exposé, that podcast, private talks with drama channels, and also Westbrook’s videos which came at the time of “Dramageddon 2.0,” accelerated feud between Shane Dawson and Star. Dawson’s videos which consisted of offensive content cost him high as he lost money which comes from his YouTube channel. He restrained himself from appearing on any social media platforms for weeks also.

Jeffrey Star apologizes after weeks of staying away due to the controversy

Jeffery Star said that he is processing himself now to deal with his impulsive nature as earlier he believed that he was just a victim of the fiasco. He ignored the fact his wrong enthusiasm, anger would hurt others.

Star was unavailable from social media platforms for the last few weeks and did not acknowledge further about the controversy. There were some screenshots which suggested that his account was blocking several people from Instagram and Twitter even in that time of his short sabbatical.

He added that he was not trying to diminish anybody as he would hate to be a villain and the whole drama was not a Netflix movie or series with a drastic storyline though it was like that only. Star himself would see that if that would have been a scenario but it was his real situation. He claimed that there were a lot of things said which had no basis of truth.

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Star accepted to believe behind the scenes talks in his “Never Doing This Again”

Star accepted the “Never Doing This Again,” video that he should have talked to Charles privately rather played the accusations game on their internet. He apologized to Charles saying that he was instigated by the whole situation which was raised in May 2019. Star indicated that he had believed the behind the scenes talk which was misdirecting him.

Star claimed that he didn’t commit a crime nor he had even been to jail and also never threatened anybody. There was criticization also for Star that he was very insensitive during February 2020 for his racist take and offensive comments about marginalized people. Star said that there was no justice for

Elijah McClain, Breonna Taylor, and other trans black women who face brutality from the police. Star and Dawson themselves used Nazi iconography and offended their black influencers due to their racist content in the past. Now Star said those were his past mistakes.

Star claims to have a close bond with Shane Dawson

Star claimed that he and Dawson maintained their friendship till now calling him his closest friend. He was shocked after hearing the rumors that they have parted ways due to this controversy. The rumor has started after Morgan Adam who is going to be Shane Dawson’s sister in law unfollowed Star on a social media platform.

He said that he didn’t agree with Shane Dawson’s offensive video content. Dawson also contradicted Star’s behavior. Star and Dawson didn’t know each other ten years ago.

Jeffrey said his company ‘The Jeffree Star Cosmetics’ believes in inclusion. Moreover, it will soon launch a new range of makeup in August.

Jeffrey Star’s company lost its distributor of products

His company has lost its partner Morphe which used to distribute Jeffery Star products. Star said he would come with new content starting a new chapter after the whole feud controversy between him and Shane Dawson.

Westbrook claimed in her “Breaking my silence” video that Star would issue alleged secrets. However, Star had said that he would not do such a thing further. Star’s lawyers would handle the whole matter from now on. However, he said he realized he was the problem which gave the solution itself.

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