Jamie Foxx’s Net Worth Is Evidence Of His Multi-Talented Persona

Jamie Foxx's Net Worth Is Evidence Of His Multi-Talented Persona

Hollywood actor, singer, and comedian Jamie Foxx is one of the multi-talented personalities that have surpassed the horizons of being the best in whatever they do. No doubt Jamie Foxx’s net worth showcases how good he is in every field.

Jamie is a master of a plethora of arts, including singing, songwriting, acting, and making people go rolling on the floor.

Born and brought up by his mother’s adoptive parents, Jamie had very rare instances where his real parents had been engaged with him. His grandmother, Estelle Marrie, has a special influence on him as he often credits her for the sky-high destinations he has been able to touch today.

Let’s see what Jamie Foxx’s net worth is.


Jamie Foxx’s Net Worth 2022

At present, Jamie Foxx’s net worth is nearly 170 Million USD. It won’t be wrong to say that he had the talent it takes to be a comedian, singer, and actor from a very early age.


Jamie Foxx's Net Worth Is Evidence Of His Multi-Talented Persona



He set about playing piano at the age of 5 and was not just a diligent student in high school but was also a football and basketball player. Did you know his teacher used his jokes as an appreciation reward for the class against maintaining decorum? Such a delightful reward!

Today we’ll talk about the income sources that made Jamie Foxx net worth this massive.


Earnings From Movies & T.V. Shows

Jamie began his career as a comedian in 1989. Within 2 years, he was picked to be a part of Fox’s In Living Color. A year later, he was seen in Toys which happens to be his debut film, and then Roc before ultimately coming up with his own sitcom- The Jamie Foxx Show, that aired on The W.B. in 1996. The show opened a hub of new opportunities for the Texas-based multi-talented persona.

So far in his 33 years of career, he has raked in many sky-high deals, which fetched him such a huge net worth. He reportedly rakes in nearly $5 Million to $11 Million per movie.

He has worked with many renowned names in the industry, including Robert Downey Jr., Jessica Biel, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Aniston, Chris Pine, and Tom Holland, among many others.

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Jamie Foxx's Net Worth Is Evidence Of His Multi-Talented Persona
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His reported earnings for Annie and Miami Vice are estimated to be $5 Million and $10 Million, respectively. Here’s the list of reported gross earnings for a few of his movies:

1 Spider-Man: No Way Home 1.9 Billion
2 Django Unchained 426 Million
3 Collateral 220 Million
4 Horrible Bosses 209.6 Million
5 White House Down 205 Million
6 Stealth 135 Million
7 Law Abiding Citizen 127 Million
8 Horrible Bosses 2 107 Million







Earnings From Music Albums

Jamie Foxx debuted in the music industry in 1994 with Peep This. His 2003 song Slow Jamz became a global hit and atop the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Chart. The same response was garnered by his and Kayne West’s other song- Gold Digger. Gradually, he became one among those who’ve secured quadruple certification.

Another hit of the Baby Driver star, Unpredictable, made his fans go grooving and got double platinum certification as 1.98 million copies of the song got sold.

He has been the host and co-producer of Beat Shazam since it aired for the first time in 2017 on Fox. Till date, 5 seasons of the show have been aired, and fans crazily adore it, which is a direct reason that piles up Jamie Foxx net worth. His monthly salary from the show is estimated to be around $3 Million by the Parade. Every single one of his albums fetched multiple record-breaking accolades, which in turn multiplied his net worth with successful music tours such as The Blame It Tour of 2009.

His royalty earnings from his music and acting career are collectively estimated to be around $20 Million.



Jamie is the owner of 12 house properties. Now that’s intriguing! He grew up with his grandparents in Terrell, Texas.

Though there isn’t much to dig upon about his owned properties, it is reported that one of his properties, established at Agoura Hills, L.A., was acquired by Kristin Grannis later.

His Tarzana San Fernando property is built in Mediterranean-Style bought by him for $10.5 Million in 2008 was his go-to place and features 10 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, a living room, gym, gourmet kitchen, and game rooms for inviting his celebrity friends over for partying. He later shifted to that house.

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Car Collection


Jamie Foxx's Net Worth Is Evidence Of His Multi-Talented Persona
Image Credits: carbuzz.com


Jamie Foxx adores custom-made cars, which is quite evident from his $2 Million Bugatti Veyron, which he got drenched in golden paint to suit his taste. Have a look at the car collection of the Grammy Award winner for his best performance in duo or group with vocals:-

1 Mercedes Benz-G Class 156,500
2 Rezvani Van 185,000 
3 Vanderhall Venice over 30,000
4 Lincoln Navigator over 57,000
5 Lamborghini Gallardo over 180,000
6 McLaren 570 S 200,000







Other Sources

Apart from acting, producing, and singing, the 54-year-old lad also has served the industry with his voice-overs in several movies, including Soul (2020), again piling up Jamie Foxx’s net worth.

The Any Given Sunday starrer reportedly has 3 luxurious Yachts and a Cash Reserve of $24 Million. He also came up with an eyewear brand Prive Revaux back in 2017, altogether with Schottenstein, Ashley Benson, and Steinfeld. His book Act Like You Got Some Sense: And Other Things My Daughters Taught Me was published in late October just the previous year. Seriously though, we are all surely astounded, wondering how much of the talent Jamie Foxx is packed with.

Jamie Foxx is no less than a shining star of Hollywood whose life is inspiring for many people. He acknowledges the fact that if it wasn’t for his grandmother, he wouldn’t have come this far.

Despite a hard childhood, Jamie Foxx didn’t let the circumstances take a toll on him. Instead, he stood up for himself and fought hard to be where he is today, and that too laughingly. On that note, did you know that he changed his name to Jamie just because he had experienced that females get to perform on stage first compared to men? Furthermore, he added Foxx as a tribute to Redd Foxx.

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