Is penile fillers a common procedure and how is it done ?

Evolution of Penis Fillers in the UK

 Ten years ago, nobody had heard of penis fillers in the United Kingdom. At that time Moorgate Andrology were very busy with penis enlargement surgery. We wanted to introduce a non-surgical alternative to surgery for patients who could perhaps not afford penis enlargement surgery , or for those who the prospect of penis enlargement surgery was a step too far at that time.

We noticed that hyaluronic acid injections were being used on the continent to increase penis size, and it was hard to believe that they had yet to reach the shores of the United Kingdom.

It was then that we started trials here in the UK to see if we could get acceptable results, albeit temporary results, to increase the size of the human penis.

Pioneering Trials and Ongoing Development

Over the past ten years we have continued to develop techniques and different hyaluronic acid products to find the best methods of increasing penis size with good aesthetic results.

Today, we have standardised the way that penis fillers are performed in the UK, and most other providers, but not all, use the techniques that have been developed by Moorgate Andrology over the past decade.

Penis Filler Procedure Overview

Penis fillers are performed by Urologists in a clean treatment room. It is not a requirement to have them done in an operating theatre , but a typical clean treatment room is an excellent choice.

Firstly, the Urologist give the patient a local anaesthetic to numb the penis. This is done through a single entry point at the base of the penis. Years ago, no such anaesthetic was used, or perhaps just some topical anaesthetic cream, this is now been superseded by a block local anaesthetic.

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Following the local anaesthetic the filler is then injected through the same entry point with an instrument called a cannula. To the untrained eye this just looks like a long needle. However, cannula treatments help to ensure less trauma to the penile tissues than needles and a ore even distribution of the filler along the penis shaft .

Treatment Duration and Aftercare

Depending on the volume of filler to be injected , the treatment takes between half and one hour in most cases. After the treatment the Urologist may massage the penis to help an even distribution of the filler along the shaft before you leave the clinic. This massage regime is really important and the patient must continue this at home. With modern cannula treatments many patients find that not too much massage is required. It is best to do this two or three times a day after going for a pee. One to two minutes of massage is usually enough.

In some cases a little asymmetry may occur even though the patient is doing the massage correctly. Minor lump and bump formations can and do happen after penis fillers. Most patients do not get them but if they do occur they may need treating in the outpatient clinic. Hyaluronic acid is a very forgiving material and minor lumps and bumps can be dissolved by injection of an enzyme. This is very quick and easy for the Urologist to do. Before the lumps are injected however, it is important to allow plenty of time for the post treatment massage to try and break these lumps down. The injection of the enzyme dissolve the lumps  is always the last resort. This is because dissolving the lumps can also lead to the dissolving of filler around the lump that we would have preferred to keep.

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Post-Treatment Recommendations

Avoiding sexual activity for around two weeks can help the filler to settle and avoid migration of the filler, but opinions vary in terms of how long is advisable.

Penis fillers continue to be a common aesthetic treatment to increase penis size. The outlook is that these will continue to be very popular as more and more men realise that this treatment can be done and is readily available in the UK. Inevitably, we see that many other practitioners will enter the market in the coming years, and patients will need to be guarded in their choice of practitioner or clinic to ensure the best chance of a good aesthetic outcome and a safe treatment. 

Our recommendation is the same now as it was ten years ago to make sure that the Doctor is on the GMC Specialist register for Urology. This is easy to check by visiting the general medical council website and entering the Doctor name.



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