I’m in the UAE and I want to help people – UAE Charitable Foundations

I'm in the UAE and I want to help people – UAE Charitable Foundations

A person who sincerely engages in charity has a bright soul. The ability to give and not demand in return is a wonderful gift that is not available to everyone. Today we will tell you about how to help people if you are in the UAE. What resources and organizations are available for this.

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Charitable foundations are non-profit organizations, they do not earn from their activities. The main task of such funds is to support and help those in need. The modern world especially needs manifestations of charity, because society is not at all homogeneous. Unfortunately, now there are too many people in need for various reasons and they need to be supported.


It is important to say that in order to create and register a fund anywhere in the world, it is necessary to determine the goals of the fund and its functions. The Foundation is a legal entity. The Foundation, as an organization, is an intermediary between the benefactor and the needy. However, it is important to understand that funds are in great need of their own money in order to pay salaries to employees, pay bills, buy necessary equipment, and so on. Where to get funds? In civilized societies, foundations receive money for charity mainly from the state, but private contributions also play a role. Both types of contributions greatly help the work of the organization.

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Speaking about the United Arab Emirates, it should be noted that the state improves the conditions for the creation of charitable organizations, as well as their work. As an example, we can consider specialized economic zones. The authorities of Dubai have decided to open a special zone of the SEZ Dubai Aid City. This zone is most suitable for opening a charitable or social fund not only in the UAE, but throughout the world.

If you do not plan to start your own fund, but want to allocate funds to any other, we can advise the Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum Foundation. This fund was created to fight unemployment and illiteracy. In 2007, UAE Vice President and Ruler of Dubai Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum allocated $10 billion during the World Economic Forum in Jordan to create a fund for the development of education in the Arab countries. Such a large donation was one of the largest in the history of charity.

I'm in the UAE and I want to help people – UAE Charitable Foundations

Doing good is great. Therefore, we really hope that our article will inspire you to something bright and kind and will certainly inspire in you the desire to visit the wonderful Emirates. Be happy for yourself and helpful to others. Mutual assistance is a sign of humanity! Peace!

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