How To Experiment With Your Partner

Sometimes you may find that your life in the bedroom can get a bit stale, and you may find that you want to experiment and try something a little different. However, it can sometimes feel a little awkward bringing it up, and you may not know where to even start. So, keep reading and discover our top tips on how you can experiment with your partner. 

Discuss Your Fantasies

Firstly, you want to openly discuss your fantasies with your partner. Whether you want to watch erotic videos together like on BigAssAnalPorn, or perhaps you want to give BDSM a go, you need to tell your partner this. They aren’t mind readers, so if you want to try and spice things up with something new, you need to talk about it. It can be scary being so vulnerable in front of them, but you’ll actually find that the experience brings you closer together, as you’ll know each other on a much deeper level. Try making a list of your fantasies if you’re too nervous to say them out loud and give it to your partner to read. Then when they find ones that they’d be willing to try too, you won’t feel so awkward talking about it, as you’ll know that you’re both on the same wavelength. 

Be Open To New Things

Although trying new things in the bedroom can be nerve-wracking, if you’ve got complete trust in your partner, it should be more fun than anything else. You don’t need to be open to trying anything and everything but keeping an open mind can really help. Unless your partner is suggesting something that you don’t feel comfortable with or perhaps puts you in danger, then you might be surprised at how much you actually enjoy it. You can always take things slow at first so that your partner and you both feel ready and happy to go on. Then if one of you decides it isn’t for them, you can stop and try something else. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to be perfect or for everything to go right on the first try. Being open and comfortable with your partner will make anything feel much more enjoyable, so don’t let yourself be too closed off. 

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Go Back To Basics

Finally, when it comes to experimenting, you may need to go back to basics to figure out what it is that you both actually like. If you don’t have any fantasies or perhaps don’t know what your body enjoys, then try very simple things that you can do together to learn more about what you each like the feeling of. For example, if you try out vibrators and like them, then you’ll know that fantasies that include these could work for you. Similarly, if you give ice play a go, you can then look into other new exciting things that make use of cold sensations. This discovery can really help you grow as a couple and allow you to rediscover your bodies all over again. 

Experimenting in the bedroom can be fun, but it can also be quite scary at first. However, these tips show you just how easy it can be when you communicate with your partner. Keeping an open mind and discovering what sensations work for the both of you can work wonders. So, make sure you take these top tips on board, and you’ll soon have the passion return in the bedroom.

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