How Ketanji Brown Jackson Daughters’ Reactions Won Million Hearts

How Ketanji Brown Jackson Daughters’ Reactions Won Million Hearts

It is a proud moment for parents when kids succeed in their life. But when kids also see their parents achieving their goals, it is no less than a celebration. Something similar happened with Ketanji Brown Jackson daughters when she got confirmed by the United States Senate on April 7 this year.

Mrs. Jackson became the first Black woman associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States in 2022. She was nominated by President Joe Biden and got appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court associate when the count of votes was done and stood by 53-47. 

Several photojournalists captured the highlights of the first day of Mrs. Jackson’s hearing and the confirmation as well, and Sarahbeth Maney was one among them. To her delight, she could capture the most precious moments of Ketanji Brown Jackson daughters that touched netizens’ hearts. Dive into the article and see what she did capture.


Ketanji Brown Jackson Daughters

Ketanji Brown Jackson daughters (Leila and Talia) and husband (Dr. Patrick G. Jackson) accompanied her on her big day to the court. The family was thrilled to witness the important day together, and it was a pure treat to watch them. Mrs. Jackson, too, expressed her love and gratitude for her daughters.


Ketanji Brown Jackson


The scenario was emotional altogether with the voices for and against Mrs. Jackson taking the seat. Mrs. Jackson expressed that no matter what job title she holds, her bond with her daughters will remain the same.

She also touched upon how intense she has felt maintaining stability between her personal and professional life. Sharing about the overwhelming journey, she addressed her daughters as she said- “Girls, I know it has not been easy, as I have tried to navigate the challenges of juggling my career and motherhood. And I fully admit, I did not always get the balance right. But I hope that you’ve seen that with hard work, determination and love, it can be done. I am so looking forward to seeing what each of you chooses to do with your amazing lives in this incredible country. I love you so much.”

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  • Ketanji Brown Jackson Daughter– Leila Jackson

Leila is the youngest charm of the Jackson family. She is 17, but her diligence and talent are much more than most teenagers of her age. She was seen in court on the confirmation day of her mom. Leila showed up with her parents in a lavender suit that she paired with black shoes and open curly hair.

Leila has quite an interest in medicine and literature and will soon be joining Havard for her further studies. Her profound interest in literature is since her salad days while it was her father’s keenness towards helping people that drew her fascination towards medicines.

As Leila went on to describe her desire to be able to make an impact on people’s lives with her writings, she also mentioned Toni Morrison, whom she admires a lot. The amount of hard work Mr. and Mrs. Jackson put into their work is an inspiration for both Leila and Talia.


The Photograph That Went Viral

A shot of Ketanji Brown Jackson daughter-Leila Jackson, captured by Sarahbeth Maney went viral on the internet like anything. In the picture, Leila was sitting diagonally behind to the left of Mrs. Jackson’s side and was grinning with pride.


Ketanji Brown Jackson Daughters’ Reactions
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The shot garnered netizens’ attention in no time, and a rainstorm of tweets started to emerge. For the photojournalist herself, it was the pure sense of happiness that she also could connect with. Maney understood the exact feeling as she recalled how her mother worked her fingers to bones to make ends meet.

For Sarahbeth Maney, who herself works for bringing upturn in the lives of Black and Brown women, it was a memory for a million years as she opened up about being able to relate and feel Leila’s smile first in the courtroom. The Detroit Free Press photojournalist further added how she felt that Black women belonged to that spot too in that very moment.

Even the youngest daughter of Mrs. Jackson is quite moved by the depth of connection people can draw from that picture. She also mentioned in her interview with Sarahbeth Maney for Teen Vogue how inspired she felt by her mother’s calm nature and tolerance while listening to her opponents.

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A surprising fact that left everyone astonished is that in 2016 Leila did write to former President Obama to consider her mother for serving in the U.S. Supreme Court. Leila was just 11 at that time.  Have a look at what she exactly wrote: “While you are considering judges to fill Justice Scalia’s seat on the Supreme Court, I would like to add my mother Ketanji Brown Jackson of the district court to the list.”

Though Mrs. Jackson took over the vacated seat this year after the retirement of Justice Stephen Breyer, it was a cute effort of a kid who has seen how keen her mother is to accomplish her goal.

 Leila has an elder sibling- Talia Jackson. Let’s talk about her experience and reaction on the confirmation day.

  • Ketanji Brown Jackson Daughter– Talia Jackson

Talia Jackson is the 21-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jackson who is exploring her college life at present. She was also seen with her family in the Supreme Court on the day when her mother was about to be confirmed for the position of associate. She kept it minimalistic with a printed dress and curly hair.


Ketanji Brown Jackson Daughters’ Reactions
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Talking of her excitement, she was on the same line as her sibling. The sisters passed a warm smile to their father during the session.

Ketanji Brown Jackson daughters have been her backbone to boost her strength. Indeed, it was visible from their responses and smiles as they showed up to cheer their mother on her red-letter day. This was one among the times when people across the world have seen a Black woman being entitled to such a prestigious position. Once again this has been proved that the right intent and hard work can get you to heights. The community of the U.S. have many hopes from Mrs. Jackson. Congrats to the Jackson family!

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