Harry Styles Net Worth 2022: How Much Fortune The One Direction Fame Has Earned?

Harry Styles Net Worth 2022: How Much Fortune The One Direction Fame Has Earned?

One Direction fame Harry Edward Styles (often regarded as Harry Styles) has been a charm of the pop music industry for a long time. He was in the headlines recently as he won the American Music Award for Favourite Male Pop Artist 2022. Why not? After all, he is one of the most successful singers of all time. Hardly surprising, that people are going crackers to know Harry Styles net worth.

Styles has been into music since his salad days. He used to record various song covers on a karaoke machine he received as a gift from his grandfather. He has proved his excellence again and again.

Styles’ journey has shown that everything will fall into place when your time comes. And his career upturns have made him one of the richest in the music industry. Scroll down a little to discover how Harry Styles net worth rose with time. And also there is an interesting story behind One Direction, let’s uncover that together.


Harry Styles Net Worth 2022

Harry Styles used to do many other chores before rising to prominence in his music career. He worked in a bakery in proximity to his home in Holmes Chapel. As a matter of fact, Harry Styles net worth is 120 Million USD as per Celebrity Net Worth. Take a deeper view and see how he earned this much fame and money.


Earnings From Singing Career

Harry used to feed his soul with music since his younger days. As he grew up, he joined Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School. His band White Eskimo won a local Battle of the Bands competition under his leadership.

He showed his singing skills in Simon Cowell’s reality music show- The X Factor in 2010 as a solo contestant. But he didn’t have odds in his favor. However, a few months later, the show’s makers and Simon Cowell decided to put Styles and the other three eliminated contestants into one group.


Harry Styles Net Worth
Image Credits: ichef.bbci.co.uk


This way destiny brought together Styles, Zyan Malik, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson. Styles insisted on naming the group- One Direction, and his bandmates supported his idea. The very same year, the group ranked 3rd in The X Factor finale.

The following year had a lot in store for One Direction and also leveled up the fortune of Harry Styles. In 2011, the band entered a 2 Million USD contract with Cowell’s record label- Syco Records. The same year, his debut album Up All Night earned the No. 1 rank in the United States. One Direction became the first ever group to garner this much traction for 4 debut albums in a row. 

One Direction kept on adding accolades to its name. Some of the group’s tours that added huge piles of money to Harry Styles net worth are:


1 Where We Are 2014 290.2 Million
2 Take Me Home 2013 114 Million
3 On The Road Again 2015 208 Million
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Source: Cosmopolitan


He became one among UK’s richest celebs under 30 in 2016. The year 2017 marks the release of his first solo single, Sign Of The Times which got 4th rank on Billboard Hot 100. 

Fine Line (2019) is another album of Styles that fetched platinum certification. His recent release- Harry’s House (2022) debuted on Billboard 200 with the first position.

Presently, he is busy banking more to his net worth with his concert tour- Love On Tour. The tour will wrap up in Italy in July 2023. Way to go for Harry Styles net worth!


Earning From Acting Career And Production Line

Styles took his first step into the Hollywood Film industry with Dunkirk in 2017. His performance garnered critical acclaim and fetched him many other movie projects. His role in Marvel’s The Eternals is said to earn him 380,000 USD. However, there is no confirmation for this. 

The Late Night Talking singer’s acting career has been quite money-ful for him. He reportedly earned 2.5 Million USD for Don’t Worry Darling (2022)

The Live While We’re Young fame also appeared as a guest host on The Late Late Show With James Corden. In fact, he did garner money from the hit documentaries One Direction: This Is Us (2013), One Direction: Where We Are – The Concert Film (2014), and Harry Styles: Behind the Album (2017). This way, Harry Styles net worth became one of the top-notch richest names.

It won’t be wrong to say that Harry is the jack of all aces. He worked upon renowned movie projects. Nah! Nah! Not as an actor, in fact, this time as an Executive Producer. He garnered thousands of dollars while producing hit series like Happy Together



Harry Styles is no less than a wonder when it comes to business. He started his venture- Pleasing in 2021, which supplies unisex beauty products and apparel, among other fashion items like nail paints, etc.


Harry Styles Net Worth
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He is expecting his business to earn hundreds and thousands of dollars since the industry itself is expected to rise by over $100 Million. Harry Styles net worth is majorly made from his venture that he wants to take to new heights.



Harry has half a dozen real estate properties in his name to this day. At the beginning of his good days, suburban North London became his first and foremost hometown in 2012. He purchased a $4.8 Million pastoral home there. He did buy another home just after two years in Beverly Hills for $4 Million and the house was sold for $3.2 Million in 2016.

Harry was again invested in a 4-bedroom penthouse in Sunset Strip, California. The house was a bachelor’s pad with a terrace and proffered exquisite views. It was worth $6.9 Million. He fetched $6 Million at the time of its sale in the very next year.

Two years later, Harry made up his mind about exploring London again as his sweet home. In the year 2019, he did shed off $10.9 Million on the Hampstead Heath estate. He didn’t stop there. This time he bought another property in London, that too, just next door. Yes, you read that right! Maybe Harry is an admirer of London. 

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Moreover, Harry reportedly rakes in $10,000 per month as rent for his Los Feliz apartment and reportedly forked over around $7,029,030 for a penthouse in Tribeca, New York.


Car Collection

Styles’ car collection is as top-notch as his career, have a look at the car models the Don’t Worry Darling fame rides in Mercedes Benz (Classic), Range Rover Sport, Jaguar E-Type Roadster, and Audi R8 Coupe.


Harry Styles Net Worth
Image Credits: cdn.i-scmp.com


These are not just the only exquisite and expensive car models the My Policeman fame owns. He also owns a Ferrari California ($195,000) and Porsche 911 Sport Classic ($104,000). The Happy Together executive producer raised the bases for his swag with all these automobiles.



Harry Styles has not just earned from his vocal skills and acting talent alone. It’s his charisma of a style icon that fetched him multiple endorsement deals. He became Gucci’s brand ambassador in 2018. His recent collaboration- ‘Gucci Ha Ha Ha,’ not only raked him some extra cash but also a chance to work apace with Alessandro Michele. He reportedly has dealt in endorsement deals for Coca-Cola and Toyota.

He made new history when he became the first man who got featured on the Vogue magazine cover in 2020. His endorsements earnings from these big brands reportedly account for nearly $9 Million.

Apart from fashion collaborations, Styles is also politically active. He was recently in the limelight for endorsing Beta O’Rourke in the race for Texas Governor. The England-based artist endorsed the 2020 US Presidential Campaign for Joe Biden.



Harry Styles net worth has donated to many social campaigns extending support for gender equality. He has profoundly supported the LGBTQ community. That’s why he got to be acclaimed as a ‘lesbian icon’ among his fans and got a Gay Times Honour for LGBTQ Advocate.

Harry also donated his hair to UK’s Little Princess Trust and supported campaigns like Drop4Drop (India). He reportedly donated over $1 Million in proceeds from several tours to a number of organizations. Styles came forward in support of movements like Black Lives Matter, HeForShe, and End Gun violence, among several others.

This year in June, he announced to donate all of his appearance fee from a campaign for Apple’s endorsement towards the International Rescue Committee. He strongly stands by his slogan- Treat People With Kindness (TPWK).

Harry Styles net worth is evidence of his passion for music and his diligence in the field of acting. He has worked apace with many renowned names in Hollywood. Not just money but his impressive performances have earned him multiple accolades and appreciation from many big names like Simon Cowell.

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