Grooveshark Alternative: Best Alternatives of Grooveshark

Grooveshark Alternative

Today, I have come up with a list of Top 10 Grooveshark alternative for streaming music online for free in 2019.

If you are looking for best Grooveshark alternatives to enjoy your favorite music(songs & albums) online, you will love below music streaming websites.

Let’s get started.

Grooveshark Alternative
Grooveshark Alternative

Grooveshark Alternative for 2019

1). Soundcloud


Soundcloud is an extremely famous music streaming website which is very popular worldwide. Newcomers to the big music artists, almost everyone uses SoundCloud to share their music and get some audience.

Yes, Soundcloud is not just a music streaming website which lets you listen to your favorite tracks online but also provide artists with the opportunity to upload their music and build audiences.

Soundcloud offers a huge collection of music, that is very well categorized into different categories making it really easy to search for your favorite music with ease. The best part of Soundcloud is being its free. All you need to do is just sign up on Soundcloud which is free and you are good to go!

Besides, Soundcloud also provides you with the facility to create your favorite playlists, search for the music from your favorite artists, brand, tracks, and podcasts.

Although it’s free only with the basic features for the basic users and it’s enough to get started. If you want advanced features to explore on Soundcloud, just pay the required amount and become their premium user.

Moreover, Soundcloud is also available on Android, iPhone, and Sonos. So just go ahead, download the SoundCloud app from play store or apple store and explore the Soundcloud music on your smartphone. I’m sure you won’t see it just as a Grooveshark alternative but a full-fledged music streaming website! Grooveshark alternative.

2). Spotify


With support for almost every platform including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows Phone and Blackberry, Spotify is one of the best Grooveshark alternatives.

Spotify is another very popular music streaming platform for music lovers which has a huge collection of music to choose from, ranging from old to the latest hits. Spotify is also worldwide famous like Soundcloud but it’s not yet available in every country to serve its music.

Apart from this downfall, Spotify is a feature rich music streaming website which provides you with the ability to create playlists of your favorite music, browse through the music collections of your friends, your favorite artist worldwide and your favorite celebrities.

Besides, Spotify also lets you create your own radio station which you can operate like a pro just sitting right there. Spotify is partially free like Soundcloud which offers limited features to the basic users while premium users get access to the complete features with ads free music!

3). Rdio


Rdio is feature rich alternative to Grooveshark and offers almost the same features as above 2 mentioned music streaming websites. Rdio is supported on the platforms including Android, IOS, Windows and Windows Phone.

It also offers both free and premium services which users can choose from accordingly. Free Rdio service possesses ads and offers limited features with low sound quality while the premium version of Rdio offers complete features with ad-free and high-quality music.

Rdio is considered as one of the best Grooveshark alternatives because it lets you download not just your favorite songs but the complete albums. Besides, Rdio is also very popular for letting users create their personal radio station, playlists along with the ability to share them with others.

Moreover, Rdio also support Chrome cast feature which is also a plus in the list!

4). Vibe Cloud


Like Soundcloud, Vibe Cloud also lets you upload, download and search for your favorite music online thus it makes a glorious alternative to the Grooveshark, as Grooveshark also used to offer the same features.

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Vibe Cloud claims to have one of the largest music databases with millions of songs stored to choose from. The interface of Vibe Cloud is so seamless and clutter free that it takes hardly more than a few clicks to search for our favorite music.

Besides, Vibe Cloud also offers an HTML5 Online player which works great on mobile and computer and plays music fast and smoothly.

All in all, Vibe Cloud is a great Grooveshark alternative which is completely free, allows any kind of music to be uploaded on the website as the Grooveshark and offers both uploading and downloading of music along with the easy searching of music from millions of tracks, radio shows & DJ Mixes.


Website: is a very beautiful and a very popular music streaming website, which is intuitive and offers a user-friendly interface. It’s extremely easy to browse through your favorite music on the and enjoy every bit of your favorite music online.

On the homepage itself, you get to see the spiking artists of the current time which are trending and you can also enjoy the music lover’s community by listening to their choices of music and telling them yours.

Like other popular music streaming websites, lets you upload music to their server, create playlists and allows you to share it with your friends on Facebook!

Besides, also offers scrobbling feature and keeps track of your activity i.e which music did you listen to and suggest the similar music next time whenever you revisit the website. is free for regular users and for advanced users, the charges are very nominal i.e $3/month for a subscription to provides ad-free and additional features.

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6). Pandora


If you are a music lover and wants to explore good Grooveshark like music on your fingertip, Pandora is your answer, as it’s a music based Android and iPhone app, which lets you explore and listen to your favorite music streaming free.

Pandora serves almost the same purpose as Grooveshark and gives you a personalized music experience.

Recommendations of the top and trending music, Alarm clock, Sleep timer, and the creation of personalized playlists etc are some of the basic features which Pandora offers to its users. If we talk about the availability of Pandora, the Pandora web version is available only for some countries due to copyright restrictions.

For the countries Pandora is available, it’s considered one of the prominent music streaming website.

7). 8tracks


8tracks has one of the largest playlists databases across which are very well categorized on the basis of the different genres, artists, and different moods.

As per the claim by the 8tracks, they have over 2 million playlists in their database which can be explored and browse through by its users. And there is no need to mention that you can create your own and personalized playlist too on 8tracks.

The design of the website is very user-friendly and it’s really easy to discover your favorite playlists even if you are landing on the website for the 1st time. 8tracks is supported by a wide range of platforms including Android, IOS, Blackberry, MAC, Windows, Xbox etc.

Like other music streaming websites, 8tracks also offers a free and a premium version. It also offers a trial premium version of  14 days if you wish you enjoy ad-free premium 8tracks services for free.

But one drawback of 8tracks is the limited availability worldwide. 8tracks is currently available for only two countries i.e the United States and Canada.

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8). Deezer


With about 10 million active users, Deezer is one of the rapidly growing music streaming websites across the world. Deezer claims to have over 43 million tracks and across 100 million playlists being hosted on their server.

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Deezer offers a free as well as a paid subscription for users which they are free to select from. Deezer offers several handy features which make it stand out from the crowd and makes it one of the great Grooveshark alternatives.

Deezer lets you create your favorite playlist, browser through any genre, artists or category you love and also displays the lyrics of the song you are listening to which makes listening and singing along more fun than ever.

Deezer, however, requires you to be connected to the Internet in order to listen to the songs but for premium users, there are no such limitations. Premium users can always browse and download their favorite music and listen to it whenever and wherever they want!

9). Hear

Website: is slightly a new platform for music lovers but it’s growing rapidly and making its position among the best music streaming websites available out there.

The was launched in the recent past i.e in the year 2013 and since its launch, it is serving very well to its customer and is considered as a great Grooveshark alternative because of the similarities in features it possesses with Grooveshark.

Like Grooveshark and other top streaming websites mentioned in the list, also lets you upload, record, promote, and share your music with the world without taking any charges. To get started with, all you need to do is just sign up on their website and you are good to go.

Besides, they have a large collection of music tracks i.e over 1.000.000+ tracks, sounds and mixes and a number of well-categories genres to explore and listen to your favorite music.  

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10). Playmoss


Playmoss is yet another great medium to create and manage playlists of your favorite songs.

Playmoss is the great place for keeping track of all your music activities online. Not only songs, but you can also create playlists of your favorite videos on playmoss.The best features of Playmoss is, it lets you create playlists of your favorite music from big music giants like YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp.

Playmoss, like other mentioned top music websites, allows you to share your created playlists with your friends online and allows you to join the community of other influencers in the industry.

Joining and using Playmoss is completely free. Just give Playmoss a shot, it’s indeed a new website but serve its purpose well.

Although the above mentioned Grooveshark alternative websites are enough to satisfy your music needs, but if you still want more options, you can try google play music, amazon prime music etc.

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Closure of one music streaming website can’t resist music lovers from listening to their favorite music. It’s the world of competition. If for some reason, one website gets closed, a bunch of other new and even better websites gets launched.

So there is no point regretting over anything. The sudden demise of Grooveshark gave rise to much new music streaming websites which are fulfilling the music lovers need to their best.

We hope, the top 10 best Grooveshark alternatives which we have mentioned above comes out handy to you and you get to listen to your favorite music without any hassle.

Do tell us in the comment section below, how did you like this article, was it useful to you? Or is there any other Grooveshark alternative which needs to be listed in the above list but we forgot?

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