Gift Ideas For The Coffee And Chocolate Lover


A coffee hamper is an ideal gift for virtually any coffee lover.  If someone you know is passionate about coffee, you are already aware that they can never get enough of it.  If the individual is also passionate about chocolate, buying chocolate hampers for Easter is a remarkable way of showing your appreciation for this loved one or associate.    

Essentially, you can pamper the coffee aficionado in your life with a hamper filled with coffee and chocolate products.  Inside a spectacular hamper, your recipient will find a remarkable collection of premium coffees and tempting chocolates that will be impossible to resist. The hamper could boast premium ground coffee, maple fudge, deliciously crisp biscuits or cookies and so much.  The arrangement can be as sophisticated or laidback to suit your budget and the preference of the recipient.  

These hampers can make suitable gifts for your family members, life partners, close friends, colleagues, clients and more. They are suitable for all types of occasions, such as birthdays, graduation, Valentine’s Days and job promotion.  They are also ideal gifts for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter and even as a ‘thinking of you’ gift on a regular day.  

Virtually no one will deny that receiving a beautiful gift hamper filled with items they are truly passionate about is quite a rewarding experience.  Below are details of some of the items that can be included in the gift hamper of a coffee and chocolate lover:


This is arguably the most obvious and essential inclusion in a hamper designed for the coffee and chocolate lover.   Ideally, the coffee included in the gift hamper should be quite special, a variety of flavor or roast that your recipient is very likely to get pleasure from but will not necessarily purchase for himself or herself.  

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There is a wide assortment of exotic coffee beans and flavors that are out of the ordinary that can be gifted to the recipient.  These flavors are ready to take his or her coffee-drinking experience to a whole new level of taste and sophistication. From the Blue Mountains of Jamaica to the high ranges in Yemen and everywhere in between, you will discover a range of unique flavored coffee profiles to discover that are true to their individual cultural roots.

Additional Coffee

While a main type of coffee might be the primary content, you should think about including a few varieties of coffees for the recipient to sample to assist in making things more fun. This provides the opportunity for you to have fun by adding in speciality coffee from the places previously mentioned or from Thailand, or even a new certified blend most people are yet to hear about.

Flavored Syrup

Another exciting way some coffee lovers jazz up their java is by adding to the mix their favorite flavored syrup.  The ones you decide to add to the hamper, based on the preference of your recipient, can be highlighted by including an associated item.  For example, a candy cane can be included as a complement to peppermint flavored syrup or a cinnamon flavored can be accompanied by a cinnamon stick. You could also include a new flavor for him or her to try.


Coffee and chocolate go hand in hand and individuals who like one type like the other.  As such, including some chocolate-covered biscuits or fancy mini chocolates can truly jazz up the gift hamper. Edible chocolate straws or chocolate covered spoons or some other fantastic chocolate goodies can be included among the content.


Among the things that go well with coffee is a nice cookie, biscotti or biscuit.  Therefore, you should think about including a few of these items in the hamper.  The range of remarkable packaging that is currently available on the market for delicacies of this nature, including in a beautifully designed box or nice tin of delectable cookies will add an abundance of aesthetic value to a gift hamper for the coffee and chocolate lover.  These will provide the perfect complement to the beverage.

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Regardless of how much passion a coffee lover has for the product, sometimes he or she might desire a bit of a change of pace, and given that, as mentioned previously, coffee lovers frequently love chocolate as well, specially cocoa provides an amazing alternative.


Tea is another remarkable option for coffee and as such, it would be a great idea to consider including a nice box or two of herbal teas.  It is highly likely that this could be well appreciated by the recipient.

A Personalized Mug

Like coffee itself, lovers of coffee do not place a limit of the number of mugs they should have. Including a personalized mug with the recipient’s name or title/role or a decorative mug that is related to the theme or occasion of the hamper is a memento that can be appreciated by your gift recipient long after the other contents of the hamper are gone.  In essence, the mug provides a way to keep you in his or her thoughts, long after they have gone through the contents of the hamper.

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