Gerard Piqué: gossip between love and play

In recent months, there has been a lot of talk about Gerard Piqué for his sentimental life and poor performance in matches. Likewise, social networks are full of memes for his grave mistake in Barcelona’s last game against Inter Milan that ended up causing a goal.

A few months ago, he separated from Shakira, his partner of more than ten years and the mother of his two children. The reason was infidelity on the part of the soccer player with a much younger woman whose identity was later made public. Clara Chía Martí is her name, and more details have been revealed about her life and her new relationship with Gerard Piqué.

However, the new couple is amid criticism and conflicts, even though they would like it to be all rosy. It has even been mentioned that they have had some arguments and that the young woman has demanded that he give her his place and make their relationship public.

On the playing field, he has not had much success either. The central defender is receiving nasty comments and even requests to retire from soccer. In the last game against Inter, he made a severe mistake, causing the opposing team’s first goal at Camp Nou. 

The score line leaves Barcelona on the brink of elimination in Group C of the UEFA Champions League. But, of course, the team’s great fans are not forgiving the 35-year-old’s mistake and are demanding his immediate retirement from the field. Social networks are exploding with memes for the Catalan player and his position with his arms outstretched with his back to the ball near the goal. 

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He is not having a good time this year and has even mentioned that he has decided to sue the person who interferes in his private life again.

Piqué’s biggest vice is not his infidelity 

For more than ten years in the sports world, it has been known that Piqué likes to gambling.

According to the Spanish newspaper “El Mundo”, from September 2009 to October 2010, the detective agency “Método 3” monitored the footballer exhaustively. This marking consisted not only in controlling his movements or knowing where he was the days before the matches but also the movements in his credit cards and even the calls made by the player.

Among the reports the agency sent to the Board of Directors chaired by Joan Laporta, it is detailed that even “a professional player gave him private poker lessons”. And the fact is that the footballer’s love of gambling was always a cause for concern at Can Barça.

These same reports, classified as ‘very confidential,’ detail that Piqué made several bets and played a lot of poker in the best live casinos online around the time between December 2009 and February 2010. 

You can see the dealer via a video stream when you play live casino games. You may also talk to them and other players, so he thought he was not in danger of being caught because he did not play in a physical casino. 

Also, everyone knows these online casinos are safe and easy to access, for which Piqué probably thought he would never have a problem. 

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For a long time, both his agent and his wife have tried to get him to stop playing, but no one knows if they succeeded. 

But Pique’s fondness for gambling does not stop there. The document highlights that the player came to spend between 3,000 and 4,000 euros in a casino during a single afternoon, much less than he used to when he was a Manchester United player. “He played very hard, and one afternoon he spent 30,000 euros, in his own words,” the document says.

These reports even include photographs of a concert of Alejandro Sanz that the player attended and several images of his car, which they say he drove, at least that day, “at an average of 170 km / h, with peaks of up to 200 km / h”. 


Travel, training camps, long periods of inactivity due to injury: footballers have a lot of time to kill and are looking for hobbies to entertain themselves.

Gerard Piqué is not the only one; many more players are on the list with weird vices, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, and Francesco Totti. 

They all have two interests in common: beautiful women and gambling.


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