Football schedule of interesting matches

Football schedule of interesting matches

This season of Serie A witnesses a bunch of teams fighting for places in the Champions League zone. The football schedule, which is available on the sports statistics website, exciting sports fans even more, because now the cost of any mistake is very high. Football schedule of interesting matches.

Napoli stands out among other contenders for high places. The team looks quite stable this season. It is habitually good at attacking and doesn’t fail so often in defense. Gattuso’s players finished the first round outside the top-4, but the gap from the Champions League zone is insignificant. This means that if in the second half of the campaign the Neapolitans are able to strengthen their performance, they will be quite capable of achieving the desired result.

It’s enough to have a look at their football schedule to understand the importance of the upcoming games. There are many confrontations ahead with direct competitors, so the final position of Gattuso’s charges depends on their results.

Now the team is working smoothly. It’s obvious that there is a single team on the field, which has repeatedly demonstrated its strong will and achieved confident victories. If the club still manages to show its fighting skills, as well as fulfill the coach’s instructions, it will be quite capable of making its fans happy.

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The factors that will help the club improve its position in the standings include:

  1. Great experience of the main stars. Let’s take Insigne as an example — he has been playing at the highest level for many years. This year the points he scored often were decisive and repeatedly brought the coveted 3 points to the Neapolitans.
  2. Gattuso’s progress as a coach. It can be seen that Gennaro has grown noticeably and is trying to surprise his opponents. Therefore, playing against “Napoli” is a big challenge even for the recognized giants.
  3. Not a bad selection of players. This is especially true for the attack group, where there are many stars.

Very soon we will find out whether all this will help the Neapolitans to finish in the top-4. You can always visit 777score and find detailed information about their games. This will allow you to understand Gattuso’s coaching style, as well as his future plans. All information is provided completely free of charge.


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