Ellen DeGeneres Announced Upon Being COVID-19 Positive

Ellen DeGeneres Announced

Ellen DeGeneres announced on Twitter that she was positive for coronavirus. It was to notify people who had come in close contact with her. She also said that she is following CDC guidelines.

On Thursday, Ellen tweeted and said that she was positive with COVID-19 and has stopped shooting for her talk show. She also said that she is feeling fine. She said she would return on television after the holiday season and asked her followers to stay safe.

Ellen DeGeneres announced of testing positive

Recently, The Ellen Show featured in a small in-studio audience. A spokesperson of Telepictures reported that they were waiting for Ellen’s announcement. Her tweet makes it clear to keep all productions paused till January. However, the celebrity host or Warner Bros. representatives didn’t immediately respond or comment about it.

The Ellen Show stopped during lockdown

The Ellen’s Show was shut down in March when the pandemic brought TV production. The host returned to the studio during the fall with the first episode of season 18.

The first episode aired on September 21, and she started by addressing issues that she was facing. Previously, Ellen was accused of forcing people to go through a toxic work environment. There were also allegations regarding sexual misconduct that got a few of the members fired from the team.

How things changed for the Ellen Show this year

The show has suffered because of these, and the results were evident with the TRP rating drop. Due to the loss of multiple advertisers, the production is having difficulties in booking A-list talents.

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A current employee gave insights into the fact that they have fewer advertisers and sponsors than in the past few years. There has been a drastic shift across the summers, and it’s majorly due to the pandemic.

One more source agreed to the facts but didn’t want to reveal the name. One employee clearly stated that they’re trying to a house for content, but they don’t have any content!

12 Days of Giveaway

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is famous for its December episodes. It is usually their busiest month and also the most successful. With their 12 days of giveaway segment, they promote several brands by gifting their products to the audiences.

In 2020, the show is sending gifts to frontline workers, medical workers, first responders, and family members affected by the coronavirus. One of the employees also revealed that this year’s offerings are not on par with what they usually offer.

Typically, the 12 Days of Giveaway is a massive affair for the show. TRP ratings were usually dominated during the daytime during the holiday season. For many people, Christmas on TV meant the Ellen Show. Moreover, everyone wants to be in the audience to have a chance to get a gift.

They usually have lots of sponsors giving off their best goodies. But this year, they will have a more condensed version of the same. Moreover, they have lost many sponsors.

As per reports, this year, the 12 Days of Giveaway will revolve around the pandemic. Moreover, there will not be any fantastic trips sponsored during this time due to travel restrictions. The gifts will be appropriate for what people need right now.

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