DMX Died: Star Rapper Passes Away at 50 After Being on Life Support

DMX Died: Star Rapper Passes Away at 50 After Being on Life Support

Famous actor and rapper Earl Simmons, aka DMX, died on Friday, April 9, 2021. He was 50 years old at the time of his death and could not survive his hospital stint. The Grammy-nominated rapper’s family confirmed the tragic news through a social media post.

The post reveals that Simmons, aka DMX, died at the White Plains Hospital. Besides, he was surrounded by his family and dear ones when he breathed his last. His family and friends will never forget him as a loving and caring person with a heart of gold. Moreover, he leaves behind a large number of people for whom he was an inspiration.

His music was soulful, and that gave power to a lot of people. The family is proud that they lost the man, but his legacy will live forever through the hundreds of fans and followers. People should remember him as a fighter who battled till the end and did not give up even for once.

For now, the family requests privacy till they finalize the date of his memorial. There was another statement from the White Plains Hospital officials announcing the death of the celebrity rapper.

Earl Simmons, aka DMX died leaving behind his massive musical legacy

The hospital officials thank everyone for their wishes and prayers during the time DMX was receiving treatment there. However, they announce that the good man passed away with a lot of grief due to a significant cardiac arrest with his family by his side. It was following a major heart attack only that he was recovering at the hospital.

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According to Murray Richman, Simmons’ lawyer, there was still no clear answer to what may have caused the heart attack in the first place. However, there was a lot of gossip and media coverage stating that the reason for the heart attack was nothing but a drug overdose.

Well, DMX representatives do not want to comment on this at all. DMX was quite open about his struggles with drugs and his time at the rehab in 2019. Even before his rehabilitation, he served in the federal jail as part of his punishment against a fraudulent tax conviction.

After a Manhattan Court found out his illegal ways of escaping close to $1.7 million tax. He was continuously transferring money to the accounts of his associates and assistants to escape high taxes.

Stories of fame and failures

DMX was one of the biggest names during the end of the ’90s and the early 2000s. Some of his most popular hits include Ruff Ryder’s Anthem, What’s My Name, X Gonna Give It To Ya, How’s It Goin Down, Party Up, and more.

In 1998, DMX was already gaining massive popularity after the launch of its first studio album. The songs Hell Is Hot and Its dark became chartbuster toppers soon. Later, he bagged nominations for Grammy Awards thrice.

He entered the rap field around the same time as Ja Rule, Jay-Z, and other famous rappers. However, when DMX was at the peak of his career, his personal life was full of scandals and legal battles. He was booked for cases back to back for a decade and also imprisoned for drug abuse.

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DMX once revealed that his first time with drugs was at the age of 14 when he took puffs of a marijuana roll that also had cocaine. Even after such adverse incidents, people will remember him for his fantastic music and work. He leaves behind his mother and 15 children after death.

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