Delta-9 THC Edibles: History, Effects, Dose, and Warning Tips

The first country that used cannabinoids was China. Later, other countries used hemp for textile and ritual purposes. People noticed its therapeutic and recreational properties only at the beginning of the XX century.  The CSA marked hemp and marijuana-derived products as high-addictive in 1970. Moreover, the movie “Reefer Madness” described symptoms of paranoia that led to suicide and violence.

Nevertheless, 32 states and some other countries legalized hemp derivatives to benefit from their medicinal and recreational effects. In 2018, hemp stopped being regarded as Cannabis. Today, Delta-9 THC edibles can be found on different websites and bought without problems. The only requirement for such products is to have a “safe” amount of THC, which is less than 0.3% of dry weight. 

What Effects to  Expect?

Delta 9 provokes feelings of excitement and a good mood. It affects the CB1 receptor that leads to relaxation, mood enhancement, visual alterations, and other changes connected with neurological activity. It also influences the CB2 that is in the gastrointestinal tract. That is why a person gets a better appetite after the gummy intake. 

One can experience the positive and negative effects of THC. 


  • improved metabolism and appetite;
  • decreased pressure on organs, especially on the eyes, which helps in glaucoma treatment;
  • the relaxation that makes depression and anxiety treatment effective.


  • visual impairment that causes hallucinations;
  • mental problems such as paranoia and mental fog;
  • neurological disorders such as agitation and tremor.

What Dose to Take?

Legal products never contain more than 0.3% of THC. Companies usually produce 5 mg, 10 mg, and seldom 30 mg gummies. A person should choose the dose that suits the health condition or recreational purpose. As a rule, one gummy guarantees the desired effect.

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Luckily, lethal outcomes have never been connected with Delta 9 consumption. Nevertheless, more than 50 mg of unpurified hemp product can provoke liver toxicity. Hallucinations, vertigo, impaired motor skills, panic attacks, and drowsiness can disturb a consumer if a person takes too much. The overdose occurs differently. Some people need to take five gummies to experience adverse effects. Others can suffer from one THC jelly bear. 

To avoid undesired consequences, it is better to divide a gummy into several pieces to reduce the dose. D9 products are not medicine, so a packing label does not include information about the daily dose. As a rule, a person experiments to find the required dose to get the desired recreational or medicinal effect. Users usually need 30-60 minutes to feel the influence of the THC chewables.

Warning Tips


Delta 9 gummies are not for everyone. People can have allergies to hemp and gummy additives like to any other product. So, one should be careful when eating the first edible with D9. The dose depends not only on health conditions but also on the age and weight of a person. Anorexic people get overdosed more frequently than consumers with average weight. Overweight patients need to take more, though such individuals can have metabolic and cardiovascular disorders that can contradict the gummy intake. It is better to stop eating jellies if something goes wrong.

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