Days Are Flying, A Few Months For Winter- These Word Games During Snow Days Are Always Fun

Winter is coming, and you are all prepared to face the snow-filled days with your blankets, thick mittens, and favorite overcoat. Get ready by predicting it using .But what do you do when you have to be locked up inside the house for days due to the extreme cold outside? Maybe you have kids at home who should be kept entertained 24×7 so that they don’t end up turning the whole house into a playground. A definitive answer here would be to indulge in some fun word games with your family.

Word games or puzzles are very engaging and full of fun when you play with family or friends. What better time than snow days if you wish to stay cooped up in the house with your family while playing word games. Here is a list of some of the popular puzzles or word games you can play.

1. Word Collect

Word Collect is an intriguing word game that asks you to make words out of the set of letters given to you. It has many levels with increasing difficulty. The game starts with either a three or four-letter word and can go up to even seven letters. On each level, you have to find out either a two-letter or three-letter word. This will depend on the level you are at. If you can’t figure out a word in between, you can choose to use your coins and get a hint. This hint will be the first letter of the word. Playing this word game is super simple and can be played by kids as well as adults.

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2. Words with Friends 2

For a scrabble person, Words with Friends 2 is an ideal word game that you can play online with your family, friends, or any other random opponent. Just like scrabble, the game gives you a set of seven random letters that you have to unscramble and make words out of it. The player with the highest score wins the game.

3. Word Search

Word Search is an interesting crossword puzzle wherein you have to find out words from among many scattered letters. It is super simple to play and is loved by both kids and elders. The number of words and the difficulty in finding the words increases with increasing levels. If you can’t seem to search for a word, then you can use the collected points to take hints.

4. Typeshift

Typeshift is another type of word game with a twist. You will get rows of letters and have to simply move the rows up and down to form a word. The player will continue to do that until all the tiles light up, indicating that the word has been formed. The game has a charming soundtrack with subtle colored graphics that most people find soothing to the eyes.

5. Boggle with Friends

Boggle with Friends is a modern version of the traditional game of Boggle. The game begins by giving you a set of random letters in a 4×4 grid. Players should try to form as many words possible by connecting adjacent letters. This game is one of the most popular two-player word games available today.

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6. Scrabble Go

As the name suggests, “Scrabble Go” is a word game just like the classic scrabble but with newly added features. This game allows you to connect with friends through social media platforms and challenge them. You have the option to play duels.(Secret Tip: you can use a scrabble cheater like for easy winning ) This will be at a faster pace where each player gets five turns with a timer set for five minutes. This game comes with added features such as “rack swap,” “word spy,” and “quick word” that gives you the opportunity to get hints for your next word or in creating new words. It also has colorful graphics and is easily navigable.


Winter season calls for cozy blankets, or heart-warming conversation with your family while sipping on a hot cuppa. There are also times when you don’t know what to do when you can’t go out because of the snow. Such times are an opportunity for families to come together and brainstorm on challenging word games and pass the time. There is nothing like playing word games and puzzles in winters with your whole family.

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