Corporate photography: complete guide and tips

Many people think that a business photo shoot is something dull and boring. This is not true at all, because a corporate photographer’s main task is to show his employees’ professionalism and not to make one-size-fits-all pictures. However, not everyone understands this, which is why we often see examples of bad corporate photo shoots on the Internet. Today we will tell you how to make a corporate photo session so that you get excellent shots. 

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What to wear to a corporate photoshoot

We recommend that you remember one rule. The style of clothing will vary depending on the type of company. Clothes for a corporate photo shoot at a bank will be drastically different from the clothes of startup employees. In the first case, the outfit should be restrained, in the second – informal. Here are a few general tips:

Bring a few jackets to change into;

  • If you decide to wear a tie, make sure it doesn’t have a fine pattern on it;
  • If you don’t want to wear a jacket, your shirt should be solid color;
  • If you are shooting as a group, try to match the color palette of your outfits;
  • Avoid wearing shirts with large logos (except for your company logo).

Top tips for a successful corporate photoshoot

We figured out what to wear, and now let’s move on to the photographer’s tips.

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Be clear about what is required of you

If you are a photographer who was invited by the company, its managers must be sure that you will do everything well. To do this, you need to find out their needs. Perhaps the executives have an idea that needs to be implemented. Or do they want to hear your suggestions? Either way, it’s best to find out before the photo shoot. It will save both your time and the time of the employees.

Stick to the general idea rather than individual preferences

Remember that you were hired by a company, not a specific person. This means that you should stick to the general idea, not the requests of the employees you are photographing. We suggest explaining to them why you suggest a particular idea. Then you won’t have to waste time, and they can get back to work sooner.

Choose your equipment carefully

Once you already know the concept of the photo shoot, think about what equipment you will need. For example, an 85mm lens is ideal for headshots, but you may need a wider lens if you want to take group photos. You also need to think about lighting. Natural light always works well, but if you have to shoot with artificial light, think about how best to use it. Remember that a softbox is great, but pick up other types of modifiers as well.

Another important thing to consider is the background. There may be too many unnecessary items in the workspace you will be using. Remove them from the frame. If that’s not possible, you can blur the background with special applications.

Edit your photos

Of course, you don’t have to remove wrinkles and make your eyes look bigger. We’re talking about a little editing that will help improve the overall impression. Be sure to remove stains and creases on your clothes, because if they remain, the photo will be ruined.

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Poses for corporate photo shoots

Here are some poses that will make the pictures look great:

  • 45-degree turn. This option would be a win-win. Due to the nature of the body, most people look bigger in the frame than they really are. A 45-degree rotation allows you to correct this.
  • Hand in the pocket. It’s very common to find your hands out of place when taking pictures. If you encounter this problem, put one hand in your pocket. This applies to men. Women’s business clothing most often has no pockets. If this is the case, you can keep your hands in front of you with your elbows slightly bent. You can hold a folder or other object to make it look appropriate.
  • Crossed arms. This is a classic pose that emphasizes confidence. However, without a smile, there is a risk that you will look aggressive. Smile!
  • Lean forward. It looks best when you are sitting at your desk. It’s also great to include in the frame the edge of your computer screen or something that conveys the location.


We hope that our article was useful to you. Have a great shoot and may the inspiration always be with you!

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