Common Drain Problems – Be Aware

Common Drain Problems

Drain problems can be a common issue around the house.  Sometimes they are simply tolerated, ignored, or a “wait and see” approach is taken.  Other times, home remedies are attempted, often with no success.  Over the longer term, however, it’s fairly safe to say that drain blockage can be a serious issue and should be taken as one.  A single clogged drain may be a signal of larger problems lurking behind the scenes. Here is a look at some of the most common drain problems, and the correct actions which should be considered.

Common Drain Problem #1 – Slow Drain

You may notice that the water is lingering in your sink, whether in the kitchen or bathroom.  Your initial reaction may be that it’s just a temporary thing and it will cure itself. Flushing with some additional water may or may not work.  But in reality, that slow drain may be an indicator of a more serious issue in the pipes.  Waiting to see if it becomes a permanent thing can be risky, for two common reasons:  

  • there could be mineral buildup inside the pipes  
  • there could be a grading issue within the pipes 

If a serious clog has developed somewhere in the piping as a result of one of the above, a simple flush with water will not work.  The best course of action is to contact a qualified plumbing professional to address the situation properly to get drain service.

Common Drain Problem #2 – Recurring Clog

Clogged drains most commonly happen in bathroom showers and sink drains.  Hair is a natural enemy of the draining process. Soap and other bathroom paraphernalia can also contribute.  These clogs can be stubborn and also hard to reach within the piping. Letting them fester and grow could lead to a very undesirable scene in your bathroom.  You’ll get the idea fairly quickly –  the issue is not going away on its own.  Contact a plumbing professional who has the expertise and right equipment to address the situation properly.

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Common Drain Problem #3 – Several Clogged Drains at the Same Time

This can be an indicator of a major clog somewhere deeper and further along in your piping system.  Several drains may be clogging at the same time because of it. This is no time to grab the plunger or chemical drain product. It will require the skill and tracking capability of a plumbing expert to source out the clog, and address it before it really gets out of hand.

Common Drain Problem #4 – Foul Odour Coming Out of the Drain

This issue strikes you right in the nose – sewage-like odours emanating from the drain.  In the best case, It may be something as simple as rotting food stuck somewhere in the pipes of your kitchen drain. If it persists, and you also find the odour from multiple sinks such as kitchen and bathroom alike, the issue is probably far more serious.  There are several possible reasons, among them a drainage problem connected to a municipal sewage line.  A slightly less serious culprit may be a build-up of pollutants in the drain.  In either case, getting a professional in should be considered, as soon as possible.  They are qualified in identifying the issue and coming up with the proper remedy for you. Persistent odour issues from your drains should not be neglected or ignored.

Common Drain Problem #5 – Flooding

This is obviously the worst of them all, especially in a sewage line – the clog that gets so bad, nothing gets past it anymore and you start to notice, for example, water pooling around a floor drain.  There is no time for delay on this one.  A professional assessment by a qualified plumber should be made promptly. Waiting to see if it gets better on its own may lead to a completely clogged drain and a major flood of polluted water on your floor. 

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Your Drains Do an Important Job – Keep Them Functional and Trouble Free

These are just some of the potential drainage issues you may encounter around your home.  When you consider the number of crucial drains within your plumbing system, including kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room, it becomes clear that at some point, you will experience trouble with one or more of them.  Food waste, hair, soap, and sewage in the pipes can all add up to undesirable scenes, unwanted disruption to your life and unwanted expense from damage to your belongings in the event of a serious back-up or flood.  It is safe to say that in any of the scenarios listed above, professional help should be sought out. In fact, it is a wise idea to source out a plumbing and drain specialist in your area in advance.  They will be happy to not only fix issues as they come up in a professional manner, but also provide advice on preventive actions you can take in advance. That way, the possibility of a nightmare scenario involving your piping is minimized.  


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