Chadwick Boseman Secretly Married Taylor Simone Before His Demise

Chadwick Boseman secretly married Taylor Simone Leward

The last post from Chadwick Boseman’s Twitter account was shared by his family to share that the actor passed away after battling with cancer for four years. He had colon cancer, which very few people knew. But the fact that Chadwick Boseman secretly married Taylor Simone Leward before his death was another shocking revelation.

The post referred to Taylor Simone as his “wife” and stated that he died in the house with family by his side. The couple was first noticed together at Los Angeles International Airport. Boseman and Simone had been dating since 2015. But he was utterly secretive about his private life.

Chadwick Boseman secretly married longtime GF Taylor Simone

As per ‘Page Six’ Boseman and Simone had become man and wife before his journey to ultimate. As Boseman’s approach towards his personal life was intensely private, most people didn’t know if they were married or not. But it had been revealed that the actor and Taylor were engaged in October 2019.

The Marvel movie character T’Challa was loved and accepted globally. The 50th National Association for the Advancement of the Coloured People (NAACP) had awarded Boseman for his creation toward an immortal Marvel movie character-T’Challa. Before receiving this prestigious award, Chadwick kissed Ledward to show how happy and honored he was. Boseman’s speech also recorded that Taylor was by his side all the time, and he had to acknowledge her right then. He also said he loved her so much.

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The Daily Mail had stated that after this romantic approach, Taylor had to give him a reply, so she was seen articulating that she loved him too.

Taylor was seen with the late actor again in 2017 as Boseman appeared on a US Talk Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live! Soon she was regularly spotted with him in all the premieres like Black Panther and 21 Bridges.

According to Intouch Weekly, in 2018, Taylor”s grandmother had told that both Boseman and Simone’s family were supportive of their relationship, they respect each other; her granddaughter was pleased as much as Boseman. It was interesting to know that years before their romantic involvement, there was a buzz about them in 2015.

Who is Taylor Simone Leward?

Taylor Simone had completed her majors in music industry studies and was a lead singer of her school jazz band. In 2014, Ledward had completed her graduation from California Polytechnic State University. The couple were captured together many times, sat courtside, and were smiling all the time at NBA games and several Hollywood events. In February at the 69th NBA game, they were photographed together for the last time.

Boseman was spotted in his major roles as a series regular on Lincoln Heights. His highly appreciable performance was as a baseball player Jackie Robinson in the biographical film 42. Moreover, he also completed his studies in direction. Boseman had performed in many stage production like Romeo Juliet, Zooman, and Willie’s Cut and Shine. He also received an AUDELCO Award for his performance as the teen E.J. in 2002’s Urban Transition.

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In 2016, Chadwick had joined the Marvel Movies with his performance in the blockbuster Captain America: Civil war. T’Challa got life due to his performance, and then turned into the mighty Black Panther. In that year, he was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer. But Panther had continued to perform, and he was a great fighter not only in the cinema but real life also. His family had stated that he was continuously giving his performance between the many surgeries and several chemo sessions. Boseman took his last breath on August 28 at the age of 43 with stage IV cancer.

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