Britney Spears Just Got a New Haircut and Fans Are Going Crazy Over It

Britney Spears

Fans and followers of Britney Spears are going crazy since the time the singer has posted a selfie on her Instagram account. It is her haircut that is making people flood her picture with comments and love. She seems to have finally answered a classic question of whether you should get a bang or not. It was just last month that she took to her Instagram handle to chat with her fans about how she used to have fringes when she was small. She also said that she misses those days, and especially her hairstyle now. So, Britney finally kept her promise and came up with the cutest, and the most perfect set of wispy curtain bangs.

What is more, is that she gave herself that haircut! Well, the girl surely knows some proper technique! Along with the picture, there was a caption, and a long post to follow. The caption of the picture says that she finally did cut her bags followed by a few cute emojis. The pop star styled her new look with a proper pink bikini and a choker necklace in black. Later, there came up another selfie in which she was wearing the same choker, but with a white, polka dot crop top.

A heartfelt note from Britney Spears

Describing her gorgeous pictures, the celebrity said that she knows that she needed BANGS! Also, she went on to joke about how bangs could make someone look much younger. She remembers that she had bangs only till the third grade which feels like yesterday only. It was as if exposing her forehead during that time felt like a big deal to her. Britney says that as a child she thought only pretty looking southern people could try such styles, and she never felt like she was pretty enough. Also, during that time every girl who was a part of a beauty pageant would get bangs, and she was never that type.

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It was sad that she had insecurities about her looks. The singer said that she had uneven teeth which made her feel ugly. One time she went to a modeling agency and came back to feeling lost. Then, she thought it may work if she got rid of her bangs and exposed her forehead. She feels that it looked bad, but made her feel happy and gorgeous. Britney says that she was aware of the fact that she did not look good in that hairstyle. However, what mattered was that it gave her a feeling of happiness, and made her feel that she was way cooler now.

She ends the note by saying that every person has a way of feeling protected, and it was her bangs that made her feel so. She feels like being back in the 3rd grade once again. Back in May 2020, she said that bangs are like the best anti-aging remedy for her. Besides Britney Spears, Bella Hadid has also got a new haircut that flaunts her bangs. On the other hand, Miley Cyrus got a retro haircut that looks amazing.

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