Become the Best Bowler with The Bowling Right Accessories

Bowler with Bowling Right Accessories

Growing up in a family where both of my parents were professional tenpin bowlers meant that I had seen my fair share of bowling alleys. As a kid I had slept underneath enough rows of numbered seats while they played into the late evening, and got familiar with the sounds of pins flying and loud shouts, it was eventful, to say the least. Become the Best Bowler with The Bowling Right Accessories.

These days I still enjoy seeing the vintage leather bowling shoes and bags that act now as decoration on shelves around the world, and how supple the bags became over the years as the leather softened and molded to the ball or kit bag accessories.

What’s in the bag?

Initially, when we think of what is needed for tenpin bowling we consider a ball, shoes, and a loosened shoulder as all that you need to play the game, but as times have changed and techniques have evolved it has become much more than that.

Yes, those aspects are essential as a basis to get you started, but if you want to improve and progress in your game as well as on the score sheet you are going to have to be better equipped.

 As we take a look at the most popular choices and items when discussing all there is to know about bowling you can take a moment to better inform yourself on the list of accessories available and what would suit your style of bowling and budget. 

My mother always said her best friend was her polishing cloth. Today’s styles have significantly surpassed her scrunched-up rag she would dig out from under everything stuffed into her bag and has since become sophisticated and chic, a must-have in every committed bowler’s arsenal.

Next, she admitted enjoying the latest in anti-skid bowling gloves, not a luxury she could afford in her playing days, but treating her to pair lets her hold onto a little something of her bowling memories she enjoys telling us stories about. Money well spent.

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And of course, there are powders, cleaners, and every shape and style of bag to put everything into, finding the right fit and what appeals to you will ultimately determine your budget. It is not necessary to get everything you see in the catalogs or the shop on site of the bowling alley but a handful of ‘tools’ that benefit your play is always nice. 

Tips to improve your game.

There is always more to learn no matter the discipline of sport you are involved with, being prepared if half the battle is won. You can’t go to a boxing match with no gloves, right? The same goes for bowling, 2 or 3 quality products will far outweigh their worth in gold compared to 10 lower quality accessories. 

We have all heard the old saying where ‘it is better to buy less, but buy well.’

You may know that it is less about power in bowling and more importantly about the accuracy, the right placement of the ball needs a mere humble throw and yet all the pins will still fall. You don’t need to sprint up to the line, a few well-placed and positioned steps and you are on the right track. Watch this quick video here on how best to approach the lane and understand the timing of the execution. 

Grip and how you put your fingers into the triangular-shaped holes will determine and ultimately decide how the ball is released, either a hook or a straight angle, and this way you have control over where you want it to end up. 

A last piece of advice, like with most sports, would be best to join a league or club. You have the benefit of meeting new people but also seeing their styles and strategies and getting advice from fellow teammates and players. Win-win.

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Bowling as a career.

It can absolutely be written on your CV that your day job is as a professional tenpin bowler, but what you need to make sure you understand is that moving forward from the weekend leagues and tournaments to the big leagues is more than just bigger prize money.

The competition is tougher, entry fees are increased, and not all playing ‘fields’ and conditions are the same. See here for an interesting article on how to take the next step, but do your homework and research and if possible make the move while still working your usual 9-5 until you have a lay of the land as they say. 

If you love the sport then go for it, life is too short to be living on maybes and what-ifs, but if you are looking for a way to make millions bowling may not be the best option. While these athletes do make a comfortable living their main income is from sponsorships and campaigns, and who knows, your talent may just land you with your name on those spoken about accessories that are so sought after.

This is a sport that is enjoyed worldwide by all ages and demographics and has been for centuries, evidence shows Egyptian tombs filled with what were once handmade pins and balls and etchings of tournaments and games that were taken part in. 

As much as the world has grown and revolutionized, the love of sport remains the same. It brings people together and keeps the competitive spirit alive.

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