Ashley Cain and Girlfriend Loses 8-Month-Old Daughter to Leukemia

Ashley Cain and Girlfriend Loses 8-Month-Old Daughter to Leukemia

Ashley Cain and girlfriend Safiyya Vorajee lose their eight-month-old daughter – Azaylia, due to leukemia and pays tribute on Instagram story. The couple was completely shattered with the demise of their princess. And they took advantage of the social media platform to express their sorrows.

Ashley Cain, girlfriend Safiyaa’s tribute on Instagram

Ashley Cain’s girlfriend, Safiyya Vorajee, took to her Instagram account and put up a story. In her Insta story, she thanked everyone for their wishes, fantastic videos that people took out the time to do. Safiyya further added that they were beautiful.

She continued by saying that her little eight-month-old baby taught her how to be strong and courageous. And that is what is helping her hold onto herself 100%. She also said that she needs to do what her princess has taught her to make Azaylia proud.

Safiyya further added that she is honored to be Azaylia’s mom and asks the little one to enjoy paradise and her new angel wings. Finally, she concluded by saying ‘Na night Baba.’

Ashley’s tribute on Instagram

Ashley Cain showed his tribute to his eight-month-old daughter, who was battling leukemia. But sadly, she passed away on April 24 Saturday.

The following Monday, Ashley he shared his thoughts about his loving daughter Azaylia. The little one was diagnosed with leukemia when she was only eight weeks.

“The challenge” star posted an image of him holding his princess – Azaylia’s hand. In the caption, he said the little one was the purpose of his life, smile, love in his heart, and only pride he had. The words showed the sorrow, and pain Ashley was feeling. He further added that he loved Azaylia with each ounce of his body. Cain also said that he was missing his princess already, and she made him better as a human being. He continued by saying he is now the person he wanted to become. Ashely added that he learned everything possible in the eight months.

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He promised his baby, saying that her name will be lived on. However, he also adds that he is clueless why his princess was taken away from him and his heartaches in Azaylia’s absence.

Ashley also wrote in his Insta story that he would carry his daughter’s name across all oceans, roads, the peak of all mountains, and all around the world. He further said that Azaylia’s name would live, and everyone will remember her legacy. Also, the star added that his daughter is the inspiration, strength, source of joy to him. And he will use this to save lives until the father and daughter meet again.

He continued by saying he is blessed, honored, and privileged to be Azaylia’s father. And he will willingly bear all the pain all over again because the eight months were precious enough for him to survive till eternity.

About Azaylia’s demise

Ashley Cain and his girlfriend took to Instagram on Sunday to declare the news of the departed soul. The star said, ‘Rest in Paradise Princess.’ Further, he also added, he will hold his daughter in his heart until he can meet her in heaven. The post was complete with a picture of him holding Azaylia tightly in his arms.

Just as “The Challenge’’ star vented out his sorrows, Safiyya too took to her Instagram account and posted a picture and caption. She also vented out her heartfelt sorrow and declared that Azaylia was the handprint of her heart.



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Ashley’s video on Azaylia’s health update

The news of Azaylia’s death came to all the fans on April 25. It was just after that the couple shared an extremely emotional video giving all the followers a sad update about Azaylia’s condition. The star clearly said in the video that it was one or two days for the baby to live.

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In the video, Ashley clearly explained Azailya’s condition in 10 minutes. He said that his daughter was developing cancerous tumors in her spleen, lungs, liver, kidneys, and brain. Further, he declared that his plan to take his daughter to Singapore for a CAR T-cell therapy was not feasible anymore. Also, he added that the chemotherapy was not working anymore on the little one.

Even though Ashley could take his daughter home but she was brought and taken back several times to the hospital for weeks.

Ashley also spoke about how to make the most of his time with his daughter during the weekend. That’s what the doctors suggested to him.

The star concluded by saying his followers must have understood by now what the doctors meant by making the most. He acknowledged the doctors by saying we are enjoying every day and trying to make the most of what we have.

Further, on that say, Safiyya also put up a status sharing her love and emotions towards her daughter. She is overwhelmed with the love and emotions that the little one has showered on her, and she is grateful for it. Further, she says she is glad to be Azaylia’s mummy.

Azayliya spent eight months of her life with Ashley and Safiyya. And her presence indeed changed their lives. Our heartfelt condolences go out to them and the entire family.

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