Anju Bhavnani

Anju Bhavnani

Anju Bhavnani is the mother of famous Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh (Bhavnani). She is also the mother-in-law of Deepika Padukone, an ace actress of the Bollywood film industry. Anju Bhavnani has always been a known name even before her son made it to the top of the league in Bollywood. The major reason for this is her relationship with other celebrity families. Later, superstar Ranveer Singh made her proud by making a considerable mark in the entertainment industry. In several interviews, she has spoken about her relationship with Ranveer and the kind of person he is.

Once in one of such interviews she said that actor Ranveer Singh always loved the limelight. He would stand in front of the mirror as a small boy and act like a hero. Besides, Anju also mentioned that she does not like movies in which Ranveer has to die in the end. She wants her son to do one movie with Deepika Padukone now in which they will live happily till the end. Anju Bhavnani has always been a homemaker and even now she avoids being in front of the camera most of the time. Therefore, she is a private person and only interacts with the media selectively.


Personal life

  • Birth: Anju Bhavnani was born on September 29, 1960 in Mumbai, Maharashtra in Sindhi, Sikh family. She is currently 59 years old and got married at a very early age.
  • Physical stats: Anju is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 190 lbs. She has naturally dark brown eyes and her hair is originally black.
  • Education: Anju completed her schooling from Bombay Scottish School, Maharashtra. Then she attended the H.R. College of Commerce and Economics in Mumbai, Maharashtra as well.
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  • Marriage: Anju Bhavnani got married to Jugjeet Singh Bhavnani who is a well to do businessman. She got married when she was still a very young girl and has since been managing the family as a house wife.
  • Children: Anju Bhavnani is a proud mother of Ranveer Singh (Bhavnani) and Ritika Bhavnani. The actor is elder to his sister Ritika and they are a very close-knit family. Ranveer’s relationship with his mother is very good and they share a very close bond.
  • Extended family: Anju Bhavnani is now related to ace badminton player Prakash Padukone and his wife Ujjala Padukone after Ranveer married their elder daughter Deepika Padukone. Anju’s sister-in-law Sunita Kapoor is the wife of veteran actor Anil Kapoor and the mother of famous actors Sonam and Harshavardhan Kapoor along with designer Rhea Kapoor. Besides, Anil Kapoor’s ancestors are none other than the famous Raj Kapoor family. One of Anju Bhavnani’s longest appearance in front of the camera was during her son’s wedding and reception which was again a complete starstruck affair. Therefore, she is acquainted with all the big names of the cinema fraternity as well as the popular business families in India. She says that her biggest asset is her family and she is proud of her children.

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