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888Sport x FIFA World Cup Markets

World Cup fever is about to break the thermometer all over the world. Billions of football (soccer) fans from around the globe are getting ready to pull the sleepless nights for match days. Are you too?

Punters are setting their funds aside as the odds are about to go through the roof for the duration of the FIFA World Cup. If you’re one of them, too, you might be finishing up on your choice of the best betting site. 

We recommend 888Sport. Experienced bettors would know the potential of this brand. If you want a piece of the action, too, you should read the 888 Sports betting review at BetZillion. BetZillion is perhaps the most transparent platform on the internet that shares unbiased reviews of online sportsbooks. 

The purpose of this CelebrityNews guide is to cover the range of world cup events you can expect to find on 888Sport. The operator has shared a lot of the events already. As the tournament starts and progresses, we’ll see newer markets all the time, especially for the live betting section on 888Sport. 

CelebrityNews: FIFA World Cup Betting at 888Sport

As we disclosed, we’ll look into the betting events on the 888Sport platform. We’re going to categorize the markets as the bookmaker did. The goal is to help you understand each term and how to utilize it. 

Let’s go. 

Outright Winner

In sports betting, an “outright” bet can refer to a few different things. But when it’s used in the context of a sports tournament, it always refers to the same thing. In FIFA World Cup betting, an “outright” bet is when you place real money on an outcome that includes the tournament instead of a single match. 

For example, the “outright winner” market means you’re betting on the potential winner of the world cup. Like all other online betting sites worldwide, 888Sport has also shared the odds for outright winners. Let’s look at the top 5 contenders for this year’s trophy. 

  1. Brazil: 5.00
  2. Argentina: 6.00
  3. France: 7.00
  4. England: 9.00
  5. Spain: 9.00

The excellent rounded numbers you see are usually only possible for outright markets. Since the odds have been published worldwide at the most reputed online sportsbooks, Brazil has consistently dominated 1st place. For the rest, there are some debates among the bookmakers themselves. 

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If you’re new to online sports betting, these outright odds help you understand what to expect from the games. If you see these teams winning in the group stages, the odds may go even higher. So, keep an eye on 888Sport. 

Outright Group Winners

If you’ve been following the FIFA World Cup, you may already know that there are 8 groups with 4 members in each. At the end of the group stage, the group winners are declared when all the teams are done playing the group members. 

It’s apparent why there is an outright betting market for the groups. Like many other online bookies, 888Sport offers odds for the 8 group winners in the outright section of the website. 

Stage of Elimination 

It is a unique market, as we’re yet to find it anywhere on other online betting sites. When writing this piece, the odds are only offered for England, Brazil, Germany, and Spain. 

Now, it’s not like the other teams are less likely to get eliminated. It’s just that previous statistics show that these teams are less likely to be destroyed, but accidents do happen. 

The odds are separately projected for different stages of the tournament. For example, if you click on the “World Cup, Stage of Elimination – England” tab, you’ll find odds for the group stage, the round of 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals, and runner-up. These odds are simply projecting the probability of England getting eliminated from the FIFA world cup at different stages. 

Similar to England, you’ll find a set of odds for Brazil, Germany, and Spain. 

Golden Ball/Golden Glove/Golden Boot Winners

There’s no way we can leave these markets out when it comes to outright betting markets for the FIFA World Cup. They’re very prestigious awards given to the best performers in each category. 

The Golden Ball trophy is awarded to the best overall player of the tournament. The player doesn’t have to be the highest Goalscorer or possess the most assists. The overall performance and its impact are considered for the winner. 

The Golden Glove goes to the goalkeeper with the most saves during the tournament. Again, the player doesn’t have to belong to the winning team. 

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Last but not least, the Golden Boot is awarded to the higher scorer. So, yes, you can find the odds for these outright markets on the website right now! 888Sport wouldn’t let the opportunity of betting on these markets go.

It will become a massive post if we keep adding the outright markets. Instead, let us list some of the popular ones.

  • To Reach Final
  • Winners Group
  • To Reach the Quarter Finals
  • Runner Up
  • First Time Winner

FIFA World Cup Markets for Individual Markets

All of the events we discussed so far are for the outright outcomes. It means you can place the bets right now and have to wait until the end of the tournament to get the results. But what do you do in the meantime? Well, you place bets on the individual match-day markets! 


In a match between 2 teams, you can support team 1, team 2, or a draw. You’ll get separate odds for 1, x, and 2 on the “Match” tab at 888Sport. 1×2 bets are the most popular football bets in the world and it’s not changing any time soon. 

Total Goals Over/Under

Another widespread market where you place counter bets to the bookmaker’s prediction. Your goal is to either bet “over” or “under” against what 888Sport is projecting as the total goals. You can expect the range from 0.5 goals to 4.5 goals. Of course, it can change based on which teams are playing. 

Both Teams to Score

It is a simple yes and no market where you get odds for both outcomes. If you believe both teams will score, you favor “Yes”, and if you think one of the teams won’t be able to achieve, you pick “No”. 

Draw No Bet

It is effectively the 1×2 bet but without the x. If the match draws, you get your stake back instead of losing it. 


If we have to guess, you’ll find plenty of handicap markets during the FIFA World Cup group stage. It’s because the likelihood of 2 improperly balanced teams facing each other is higher during this time. 

Other markets you may find during the match day on 888Sport include: 

  • Correct Score
  • Score in both halves
  • Win both halves
  • To win to nil
  • Odd or even total

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