Advantages of games on consoles. And where to buy games?


One of the main reasons for buying a PlayStation 4 is the presence of powerful exclusives, first of all, these are old, well-known titles like “Last Of Us”, “Heavy Rain”, “God Of War”. But this year, ls 22 ps4 came out, which really raised the bar in the global community. Some of them are being re-released for the next generation console, while others will continue only on PS5 / 4 (PS3 owners “fly by”).

In this, Sony is the best – indeed, the company has many more worthwhile games than its main competitor – Xbox One from Microsoft.

DIFMARK is a game store for consoles and PC. The initial task is to make sure that each client is satisfied and wants to return to us again and again. In turn, we can please you with a wide range of products for absolutely all modern platforms.

Advantages of DIFMARK:

  • HONESTY.Open relationships with clients and colleagues
  • CLIENT. We don’t just care about our clients. We create WOW effect
  • TEAM. Ready to put in extra effort to achieve super results. Treating the business as if it were your own
  • A RESPONSIBILITY. Responsible for commitments made to colleagues and to our clients
  • DEVELOPMENT. Employees constantly improve the level of knowledge and skills for work, engage in self-education and share experience.

Why choose the new PS5 and not Xbox?

Wide social opportunities:

Sony has made an almost full-fledged social network from the PlayStation Network, which allows you to see who is playing what, share your impressions of toys, as well as record videos right during the game and broadcast. All this is done with one special button without unnecessary gestures.

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On the same PC, in order to record the gameplay, you will have to buy a special device (so that the FPS does not sag due to the load on the computer) and also “cheat” to set up the broadcast.

Unified account and interaction with PS Vita

If you own a previous console, or a portable Vita, then you can use one account and one subscription (which we talked about above), paying a fairly modest amount for the opportunity to receive goodies in the form of free games. Plus, it’s possible to stream “adult” games from PS4 to Vita when you want to play, lounging on the couch, or when the TV is busy with relatives.

The big future of the console

Sony has already learned how to make consoles in a complex way, if you compare the launch of 4 PS and the last one, the difference is enormous. Games appeared immediately, plus popular services and a bunch of “goodies”, in the future we are promised cloud gaming (you can play “old titles” with PS 4 and many other games just in this way), plus you can share toys with your friends. Although the console is only about a year old, it already has all the necessary games, and a bunch of famous projects and exclusives (from serious ones to “turkey meat”) are on the way.


Of course, the PlayStation 5 has enough disadvantages, but most of them are far-fetched, or will be fixed in the near future. For example, working with media files is still not organized properly, although “the loss is small”, because the PS5 copes with its main function – to run games.

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