9 Ways To Improve Your Internet Connection

Internet Connection

Poor quality Internet literally slows down our lives and makes us nervous. Low connection speed interferes not only with entertainment but also with work: in addition to problems with watching movies and online games, it interferes with searching for information and downloading files. If you are facing problems with your Internet connection and are thinking about installing a BT signal booster or an amplifier for another mobile operator, this article is for you.

Reasons For Slow Internet

Among the three main reasons for slow Internet use are problems on the provider’s side, an incorrectly selected tariff plan, and problems with your equipment (poorly optimised router with old firmware, incorrect location of the router, etc.)

What else can cause your home Internet speed to drop:

  • Viruses, malware on your devices;
  • Background services or software that constantly downloads something from the Internet;
  • The problem is in the operating system itself;
  • Your Wi-Fi has been hacked, and your neighbour is constantly downloading something;

However, all these problems can be solved.

Ways to increase Internet speed

You can increase Internet speed in several ways: by selecting a suitable tariff and provider, setting up equipment and a specific connection, monitoring resource consumption by various applications, as well as the correct location of equipment. Let’s look at each of the 10 methods in more detail.

  1. Set up the equipment correctly

You can increase your Internet speed if you properly configure and update your equipment for connecting to the global network. If you use wired Internet, it is worth checking the cable for damage. Outgoing contacts, location near power lines, creases, and other defects slow down throughput. If the problem can be fixed, do it. If not, buy a new cord.

If you use Wi-Fi, make sure its maximum bandwidth is suitable for your needs. You can find this information in the instructions and on the box from the router. If the router’s throughput is lower than the declared speed according to the tariff, we recommend changing the router.

  1. Update the router firmware

Developers are constantly optimising the software. Therefore, the router can work faster with the latest firmware. Find instructions for updating your model on the manufacturer’s official website or in the application for your router.

  1. Place the equipment correctly

In many ways, the speed of the Wi-Fi network depends on the location of the router.

How and where to install a router in an apartment:

  • Pay attention to the walls. The fewer walls between the transmitting and receiving devices, the higher the signal quality.
  • Do not place the router behind glass, as it blocks the signal.
  • Install Wi-Fi equipment in the centre of the apartment.
  • Avoid electrical appliances: do not place the router near the microwave.
  • Many standard layouts of two-room apartments provide free access from the hallway to the rooms and kitchen, since the corridor is located approximately in the middle of the room – it can be an excellent place to install a router.
  • If you are installing a Wi-Fi router in a studio, the main rule is to install it high so that the signal encounters as few obstacles as possible in its path.
  1. Use repeaters or mesh system

If your room is too large, the power of the router may not be enough. In such a situation, signal boosters for BT, Tesco, and Vodafone operators will help. You can buy and install repeaters between your router and remote rooms.

  1. Disconnect unnecessary devices from the Internet

The more devices you use on your home network, the slower it runs on each of them. Don’t forget this. If there is a lack of speed, try to disconnect gadgets that you are not currently using from the Internet. For example, you can turn off Wi-Fi on your phone so that all traffic goes to your laptop.

  1. Change equipment

If you have been using your router for more than 5 years, we recommend replacing it with a more modern one. An excellent choice would be Xiaomi, ASUS, TP-LINK, or Netis.

A modern router will maintain a stable connection, and new technologies will not let your speed drop just like that.

  1. Switch to 5 GHz (Wi‑Fi)

The 5 GHz band has high throughput and connection reliability. But its frequencies have a short wavelength. This means that it does not penetrate walls well and does not provide the signal range that 2.4 GHz can handle. A router with a 5 GHz frequency is worth choosing if you live in a studio or one-room apartment.

Many modern router models have two bands, that is, they can simultaneously relay 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Such routers have faster speeds and a more stable network. If your home is overloaded with devices operating in the 2.4 GHz band, it is safer to buy a dual-band router. Moreover, there is no practical point in buying a router in the middle price category, but supporting only one mode. After all, dual-band models will be relevant for many years, unlike routers operating at a single frequency.

  1. Choose the right tariff plan

The main reason for the slow Internet may be your ISP. He sets a limit on outgoing and incoming speed for each tariff, which cannot be circumvented without additional payment. The numbers can be found in the tariff description and in the contract. If the speed on your plan is below 100 Mbps, the Internet may not be enough.

  1. Install antivirus on devices

As a preventive measure, we recommend using an antivirus on your devices, since malware and adware can also slow down the browser and load the network. Use an antivirus to scan your system and remove unwanted objects.

Wrapping It Up

A signal booster for BT, Vodafone, Virgin, or another British mobile operator can be one of the easiest ways to improve your home internet connection, especially if you have problems with Wi-Fi coverage in some parts of your home. We recommend contacting UCtel, which has extensive experience in improving communication signals for clients from various industries.


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