8 Celebrities Who Were Roommates in College

8 Celebrities Who Were Roommates in College

College offers a chance for students to meet different persons and mold a future. At the end of the few years, each student disperses into his or her career path. With professional college homework help, you can graduate with honors, heading on to pursue a successful career.

What are the chances that two students would share a room and move on to become celebrities? Well, a good number of roommates have defied the odds. Here are celebrities who shared a room in college and have gone on to make extensive exploits in different industries. 

1. Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling

The two stars started their celebrity life at The Mickey Mouse Club. When the show was in its second year, Gosling’s mother had to return to Canada. It is at this point that Gosling chose to stay with Timberlake. In 2011, Justin said that they appeared closer than the other kids on the show because they were sharing a room outside the show. They have remained friends to date, making numerous exploits on the celebrity scene. 

2. Connie Britton and Kirsten Gillibrand

The two celebrities met while Britton was taking Asian Studies at Dartmouth College. This was during her pre-acting years. She did not know that the girl she spent a summer with at a concrete room with two straw mats in Beijing would later become a junior senator for New York State. Though she does not give much about their lives, she says that they spent most of their mornings lip-syncing. 

Britton is now a successful actress, featuring in blockbusters like Nashville and Friday Night Lights. They remember participating in a party at the US embassay in Beijing where they did a Madonna song. As the celebrities they are, they won the contest. 

3. Al Gore and Tommy Lee Jones

The two met at Havard, one the son of a senator from Tennessee and the other the son of an oil ballon. Their room was at Dunster House where their strong bond, that remains to date, formed. They remember the time spent shooting pool and tin cans. One is a famed actor who has starred alongside Will Smith. The other has made history as one of Americas’ Vice Presidents. He also ran for president and lost of George Bush. Al Gore has also won the Nobel Peace Prize and is now an activist for climate change. Tommy owns a cattle ranch in Texas. 

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4. Robin Williams and Christopher Reeves

Robin and Christopher belong to a special class of twenty that joined Julliard School in New York City in 1973. The time spent together sealed a bond that is described by one of the spouses as ‘stronger than a brother.’ Though Reeve is paralyzed, he says that he has continued to receive some of the best support from his old friend, including humor at the most unexpected situations. 

5. Ving Rhames and Stanley Tucci

SUNY Purchase was the meeting point for these two buddies. It was Stanley who suggested that Irving should shorten his name to something memorable like Ving. it could be the short and memorable name that has given him a chance to feature on Mission Impossible and Pulp Fiction, among other acts. Stanley has participated in such productions as Big Night and Julia & Julia. 

6. Parker Posey and Sherry Stringfield 

It appears like SUNY Purchase is a perfect breeding ground for celebrity roommates. They both featured in soaps but later broke away to pursue different careers. Stringfield starred as Blake in Guiding Light, a show that gave her the chance to rise to prominence. She has since become a common name, featuring in NYPD BLUE, ER, and most recently CSI. Posey rose to fame with Party Girl and has gone on to feature on other films including Best in Show. It appears the two nurtured each other to turn into the celebrities we can see today.

7. Lee Corso and Burt Raynolds

Florida State University provided the dorm that nurtured a friendship and talents that would grace TV screens for years. Corso was cut for the field. He played football, won trophies, became a coach, and then ended as a commentator for ESPN. Raynolds was not lucky on the field because he suffered a devastating tackle that ended his career. He would proceed to take celebrity status by posing nude for Cosmopolitan. His return to the field was through The Longest Yard in 1974 and Semi-Tough, a comedy released in 1977. 

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8. Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson

If you are looking for a tight friendship in Hollywood, these two buddies will come top. One has written movies that the other acted. They have also written movies together. Their collaboration gel fermented at the University of Texas in Austin. They were in the same playwriting class in their sophomore year. The two broke out of a house after the landlord failed to fix broken pipes but would be tracked by a private investigator. It is such experiences in college that have kept them together ever since. 

One may ignore the bond created in college but it has the potential of transforming your lives. These bonds are never broken even when you go to different paths. It is interesting to see the high regard with which roommates refer to each other in the celebrity world.

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